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By: Union Des Pecheurs Maritimes  09-12-2011

The 2011 Celebration

The Celebration marks the anniversary of our reemergence as an independent company while reinforcing the notion that service has been crucial to our longevity over the past seven decades. It has been an essential component of our overall community engagement, which includes the Neuberger Berman Foundation, corporate charitable contributions, in-kind donations, environmental programs, year-round volunteer programs and nonprofit board service.

In this year's Celebration, more than 650 employees, along with friends and family, participated in nearly 40 projects in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, London and New York. Activities ranged from painting schools to preparing meals for the homeless; from working with animals to assisting senior citizens with arts and crafts; and from reading with young children to providing career guidance to high school students.

Our Community

Here are some of the nonprofit organizations we partnered with:

Working With Our Partners

  • Northside Center for Child Development

    "Thank you again for visiting the children of Northside and working alongside our dedicated staff. You and your team gave them a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends, and your efforts in guiding our children during Cooking with Kids and the community garden outing helped tremendously."

    — Theda Jackson-Mau,
    Assistant Director of Development

  • Vogel Alcove Childcare Center for the Homeless

    "The celebration day was a huge success! The Pizza Garden planted by your volunteers and our preschool classes will be used to teach important lessons about nutrition and health. Since the children are temporarily living in homeless shelters, they do not have the opportunity to plant gardens in their own yards and this made the experience all the more special."

    — Allie Smith,
    Volunteer Coordinator

We appreciate the enthusiastic response shown by our nonprofit partners and our volunteers and look forward to continuing to give back to our communities throughout the year.

Organizations referenced herein are intended solely for your information and should not be construed as an endorsement by Neuberger Berman.

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