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By: Offsite Advantage  09-12-2011
Keywords: Surveys

Services Offered

                         Word Processing and Typing.

                         Reports, letters, manuals, surveys, etc.

                         PowerPoint Presentations
Send us the information and we will

                         create your presentation.

                         Desktop Publishing.
Business cards, flyers, brochures, etc.

                         Office Organization.  
We can assist with a complete office        

                         setup or reorganization.

                         Event Planning

                         We can arrange the location, invites, rsvps,

                         decorations, etc.                            Telephone Support.

                          Followup phone calls, surveys, obtain

                          feedback, or simply answer your phones.

                          Human Resources Assistance.  
Schedule interviews, check references.                           Travel Arrangements.  
We can book your flights, hotels, cars, etc.                          Project Assistance.  
                          Compare prices, summarize                     

                          and compile information, etc.

                          Calendar/Appointment Management.  
We can keep a calendar of your  

                          appointments and offer reminders for

                          deadlines, meetings, etc.

                          Personal Support.   
We can send flowers, gift baskets, thank

                          you notes, cards, etc.  Let us help so you

                          can get back to business!

Keywords: Surveys