Land Management

By: Reed Forestry  21-07-2015
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CHIP HARVESTING ground is an option that very few private contractors can provide. Learn more about chipping and why it is an attractive option for landowners. THINNING: The goal of thinning is to control the amount and distribution of available growing space. By altering stand density, foresters can influence the growth, quality, and health of residual trees. It also provides an opportunity to cull the commercially less desirable, usually smaller and malformed, trees. This is a service that Reed Forestry Ltd provides for interested landowners. WEIR STAKES: (also called weir poles) are a specialty product that Reed Forestry Ltd provides to fishermen. We are always interested in buying poplar, tamarack, or hardwood stakes from landowners. The traditional specifications for each species are as follows: - Hardwood - 45' and up - Poplar - 65' and up - Tamarack - 65' and up If you have any of these on your property, contact us. (506) 356-5161 [email protected] Price will be determined and paid prior to trucking

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