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By: Cavendish Agro Services  09-12-2011
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In today's farming industry, costs have to be saved where they can.With precision farming, farmers are able to monitor and apply nutrients to their fields only where they are needed.We offer a wide range of precision services, from field mapping to composite soil sampling to grid sampling with variable rate lime and fertilizer recommendations.

Have you ever wondered just how many acres are in your fields? Would you like a complete farm map of  your fields with roads and field boundaries? With Precision Farm Services from Cavendish-Agri, we are able to tell you how many acres are in your field to the decimal point.Nicely layed-out maps of your fields and laminated farm maps that show all of your field, so can efficiently plan out this years cropping program.  Talk to your sales rep about having your farm mapped!

Are all of your fields perfectly level in fertility?Probably not.With Precision Farm Services from Cavendish-Agri, we are able to tell what the fertility levels are across your field.Whether it is pH you want to look at, or potash levels, we can tell you.Soil samples are taken at grid points from 1 acre to 5 acre grids and placed on field maps. Each soil sample is then analyzed and input into software. Colour fertility maps are produced which show the fertility levels across the field.

Now that you are able to tell where your nutrient levels are high and low in the field, how about putting the right nutrient in the right place. With variable rate technology of Cavendish-Agri Services, we are able to spread lime and fertilizer in varying amounts across your field. Variable rate recommendation maps are generated and used to apply your nutrient only where it is needed, saving you money in nutrient cost, and  leveling out the nutrient levels in your fields.

Keywords: Sales Rep

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