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By: Heritage Home Inspections  09-12-2011
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Residential Home Inspections

Whether you are buying or selling a residence, a Home Inpection is a worthwhile investment. You can take all the guesswork out of knowing if your residence will pass inspection on the housing market. A good home inspection covers all aspects of the working systems in your home from the top of the chimney to the base of your foundation. Get the information before the deal goes through - unlock the mystery - get an inspection!

Commercial Building Inspections

Commercial Building Inspections cover all the basics of a home inspection except that the units are generally office or warehouse space. It also covers elevators, larger heating, ventilation, air conditioning units and air balancing (making sure that the air in one office is balanced with the air flow in another area of the building). Inspection includes using only qualified technicians for each component. Financial Investments are generally greater in Commercial buildings. If this is going to help create potential income for you, you want to be sure that you're getting your moneys worth. Unlock the mystery of lost income - be informed - get an inspection!

Multi Unit Residential Inspections

From 2 units and up an inspection can cover any, or all, of the units depending on the preference of the client. It includes all common areas, heat & ventilation units and all other components of a residential inspection. Rest assured that your investment is worthwhile and there are no surprises at the close of the deal. You want to take home that extra income - keep it in your pocket, not a contractors - be informed, get the inspection first.

Pre-selling Inspections

Don't let an undetected problem in your building hold up the deal. Many times the general public may be unaware of electrical, ventilation, heating or problems in a foundation that could break the sale of your home. It is often something that isn't necessarily a costly fix, but could take thousands off your selling price. Get your asking price, be informed - get an inspection first!

Home Buyers Inspections

Buyer Beware! Rest assured that all the money you invest will be well worth it. To the untrained eye, many flaws in a building can be covered up with cosmetic fixtures. Get a thorough inspection and be confident that you get what you paid for. Minor flaws don't necessarily mean that you can't buy your dream home, but will help you know that you are living a dream, not a nightmare! Be informed, get an inspection!

Walk-through Inspections

Just what it says! There is no report, just a general bird's eye view of what the building is all about. A quick look at the foundation, electrical, roof & plumbing - tells you the obvious, but not necessarily the all in all. A thorough inspection is always the best bet - you are sure to get all the information and you're covered if there are defects. Be informed!

Mold Inspections

Are members of your family suffering with respiratory ailments, headaches, nausea, and frequent bouts of itchy eyes and runny noses? These symptoms could be caused by mold spores in your home! Only a qualified mold inspection can tell you what could be living in your carpets, heating or ventialtion air ducts, attics or basements. There are many types of mold bacteria. If you suspect there is a problem, get a certified Mold Inspector to take samples and get a Laboratory Report on the findings. Unlock the mystery - be informed- get a mold inspection.

Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing is used to determine if there are mold spores in your home which may not be visible. You may be suffering from respiratory or cardiovascular diseases due to poor air quality. We spend ninety percent of our time indoors, especially the very young, elderly and people with immune deficiency disorders. A Professional Air Quality Test could eliminate some of the problems associated with people in this demographic. Unlock the mystery, be informed, get the air in your home tested.

Water Sampling

Do you get your water from a well? In New Brunswick, every home which is not on a municipal water system must have the water tested by a certified lab to ensure that it has safe drinking water before closing the sale. If you live in an area where your water comes from a well, the Home Inspection from Heritage Inspections can also include a safe water test for a nominal fee.

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