By: Threshold Ministries  09-12-2011
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Dear Friend,

TV Thomas is a dear colleague with vast international missionary experience.  He recently spoke at an ‘Equipping Evangelist’ event of the exciting escalation of Christianity in the two-thirds world.  He noted ‘most of what you are hearing about widespread conversion is true’.  It is thrilling to hear these stories – we value and need good news!

But he continued: ‘Here in the west we are excitedly talking about evangelism taking place in the two-thirds world.  However, the two-thirds world is not excitedly talking about us, and for good reason: our efforts are meagre in comparison’.  Sadly, we had to agree.

Can we blame the culture, the challenges of secularism, pluralism, consumerism?  While some might argue for it, the early church was born in such a hostile environment!  Putting it bluntly, the problem is not on the outside but on the inside.  Taking the good news into the market place is not priority; it is not a consuming compelling vision of ours, unlike our brothers and sisters in much of Asia, Africa and South America.  There is little in the way of staffing, of training, and of financing evangelistic efforts. There is a general lack of urgency or concern for lost people.

Still, we have good news!  Though Canadians may show little interest in status quo religion, they are voting YES in their hope to experience God!  The outward looking church chooses to offer hope, to take risks and to find ways to bridge the gap.  As many are coming to realize, a church that is true to her calling is the most powerful force for transformative change.  

To the praise of God, we are seeing this truth being realized in Threshold Ministries, through street level projects, prison chapels, youth gatherings, cafe-style church meetings, camps, home meetings, drop-ins, and with congregations turning inside out.  Vision is stirring, risks are being taken, creativity is on the rise and faith is expectant.  We do not pretend to have it all figured out.  We do experience setbacks, but in our frailty we are reminded: “The devil trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees!”  To His praise alone there are good news stories to share.  Lives are being changed; projects to reach people on the margins are in full gear; risks are being taken; doors are opening; teens are finding Christ; hope is alive!

On behalf of all the team at Threshold Ministries across the nation, please accept our deepest thanks for your encouragement, love and support.  You have helped us to train, staff and finance evangelistic projects.

Please continue to support this work in prayer.  We are ‘on the threshold’ of missionary and evangelistic possibilities from coast to coast to coast.

Your brother in Christ,
Bruce Smith
National Director

Keywords: church, Evangelism

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I am thankful to God for the opportunity granted me at our Annual Meeting to serve as the Board Chair of Church Army, now newly renamed Threshold Ministries. For many years we depended for any shortfall in donations on the money generated from the sale of the property we had owned in Toronto. We have a very dedicated company of evangelists serving under the exceptional leadership of Bruce Smith.


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The prognosis was stark according to the medical statistics and I spent some of those early days in fear, but as time went on I had joy and peace, and faith in God because He has been so very present with me throughout. From the day I first found out that what was interfering with my ability to swallow food, talk and even breathe was a tumour in my throat, God promised He was going to heal me.