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Our mail order retail service is closed for this season.

Over the course of this Summer we no longer take any new orders from individuals (although we remain ready to help with non-profit educational projects).
The next best service, in our view, is . If you are already a customer of their somewhat limited selection of blades and accessories, nevertheless includes the snath with adjustable grips which we designed.


In line with the nature of this website, this is an uncommon catalogue. In a way it is an inevitable side effect of our 15-year effort to elevate the accepted standard of the average scythe. Such a mandate cannot be accomplished by oversimplifying the core issues of quality design, good fit, adequate edge maintenance -- as well as honest information about it all.

What this catalogue does not offer is:

1. the "short and sweet" version of information regarding the tool you may be considering to purchase.

2. so limited a selection of scythes and accessories that:
a) customers can't possibly get confused or overwhelmed (especially without reading the suggested links);
b) processing orders would be as simple for both of us as it is, for instance, for Lee Valley Tools and their customers -- (one snath, one blade, one whetstone and plastic holder, which any employee can pull off the shelf, throw into the shipping box and presto! Next!)

What we do provide is:

1. far more information on this subject than has ever been available in a printed/electronic form from any one source, or probably even all the sources in the English language combined.

2. unprecedented diversity of blades and accessories, along with more personal attention to fitting specific units, than any other mail order scythe service on planet Earth. (Between consultation, blade sharpening and fitting, and packing, we spend on average, four hours per order.) Your extra cost for this extra service is not monetary; it is simply the paying of attention and doing some "homework" (by reading the topic-pertinent sections on this website) before sending us an inquiry.

3. The overall quality of items we sell is at least on par with, in many instances better than, what is available elsewhere -- with the ScytheConnection-designed snaths as the most obvious "Mercedes" among the commercially produced models. A portion of our blades are priceless examples of what once was the norm, but is no more..

(Any of the bold statements above are up for challenge; i.e. should you question them, do some serious investigating. If you find a more thorough service, let us know where it can be found so we can learn more. In gratitude -- if you are correct, we will send you any one item you choose from our catalogue, free of charge, postage included.)

Our prices in general have nothing to do with what profit margin we think a retail venture needs to turn. Rather, they are more or less in line with the established norms. We did not start, nor continue as a "business proper" and have never calculated the investment of our time as a "business expense" -- much as an activist or a missionary would not think of doing so.

Group Discounts for Educational Purposes

Whenever intentional communities, transition town groups, etc. plan to organize hands-on workshops and/or just want to have on hand several "practice scythes" for visitors or beginners to try out, we can put together diverse packages at a discount off our regular prices.
Contact us for details (but please do some preliminary homework beforehand; read information on selecting a scythe .


Please note: All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Postage and handling rates:

Within Canada:
For one to two complete scythes -- snaths, up to 4 blades, and accessories-- $35
For three or more snaths, and up to six blades and accessories -- $45
For one to four blades and accessories: $25
For other combinations, please contact us.

To the U.S.
$45 for one to two complete scythes;
$55 for three or more snaths and up to six blades and accessories
$30 for one to four blades with accessories.
For other combinations, please contact us.

Please Note: If you purchase a matched unit and decide to add more blades or other items to your order, you only need to pay one shipping charge, e.g. $35, $45 or $55 accordingly, no need to add $25-$30 for the extra blades or a second snath charge.

Overseas Estimates:
Under 1kg. and 80cm long: $50 for surface (6-8 weeks) and $90 for air (10 days). This rate covers a blade and ring, and possibly a whetstone. A 10kg. parcel (80cm length) is $110 by surface or $230 air. Snath shipping is prohibitively expensive: around $300-400! You may send us an email with your tentative order and full address for a postage quote.

We do not currently deal with credit cards or other forms of electronic payment. The most expedient option is to send us a money order (postal order or bank draft). A personal check takes one to two weeks to clear. Cash is also fine; please send by registered mail.

Checks or money orders should be payable to Ashley Vido (NOT "Scythe Connection") and mailed to:
1636 Kintore Rd.
Lower Kintore, New Brunswick
E7H 2L4 Canada

OR to our mailbox in Maine -- but PLEASE send an email before mailing anything to this address, as we only check it sporadically:Kai Vido
26 North Street, P.M.B. 161
Presque Isle, Maine 04769

23 May 2006
Modified 16 May. 2011
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