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By: Pantec Bakeware  09-12-2011
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Pantec understands that today's customer is highly critical when purchasing food items, which makes the retailers job very challenging. Within this competitive market companies often wish to test the market with new products in order to refine an ideal form. Custom produced metal pans can be cost prohibitive to design and minimum quantities are often greater than new projects could justify. At PANTEC, in the space of a few days and at a considerably lower cost we are able to produce new baking forms to specified shapes or configurations.

Once we are familiar with the demands of our customers, we can produce and deliver product on a timely basis. 10 pieces or a 1000.  Our design staff consistently creates solutions to unique and challenging circumstances. Our wealth of knowledge gained from our years of experience in the commercial baking industry can solve your problems now.

Pantec forms are produced in two distinct styles. Virtually any of our shapes can be produced in either of these styles.


These forms have an open mesh body, allowing superior heat penetration for good surface browning. All edges are reinforced with high temperature silicone to resist fraying. These forms are typically used for breads, rolls and biscuits.


The reinforcing mesh of the forms is impregnated with additional high temperature silicone to seal all body perforations. These forms are generally used for liquid or semi-liquid batters and food products, which must be contained throughout the baking process.

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Keywords: baking