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By: Knowcharge  09-12-2011
Keywords: Electro-static Discharge

Our Technology:

The KnowCharge technology platform uses a patent-pending process to create engineered pulp fibers that can be added directly to raw pulp during the paper making process.

This platform has four key advantages:

• Engineered pulp fibers introduce the desired feature into the paper, not as a separate coating

• Engineered pulp fibers act and behave like regular pulp fibers, so there’s no change to the core properties of the paper (e.g. strength, printability)

• Very small amounts of engineered fibers are required to incorporate the desired feature into paper (e.g. cost effective)

• Our process creates a green and environmentally friendly paper product that is cost effective

• Our platform is adaptable to a variety of additional commercial applications like aerospace, battery, sensors and food safety testing.

Our product:
Our first-to-market product is a conductive liner board product that can be used for electro-static discharge (ESD) protected packaging. Our market opportunity is clear: clients in this $350M industry are currently limited to using an ESD product that is costly as well as hazardous to work with.
KnowCharge also produces a variety of custom conductive paper products, including resistive, anti-static, dissipative, and conductive/shielding paper products.

For example, below is a photo of our green conductive paper, straight off the production line. It has a resistance of ca. 104 Ohms/square:

Green Conductive Paper

We also make the more conventional black conductive paper, seen below; again, straight off the production line. It too has a resistance of ca. 104 Ohms/square:

Black conductive paper

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Keywords: Electro-static Discharge