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By: Jarche  09-12-2011

TweetA while back, it was only those nasty dictatorships that shut down communications, but now “enlightened” democracies like the USA and the UK are doing the same. However, it’s not really about social media, as they’re just the current manifestation of the Internet. The Cluetrain made it clear in 1999, “Hyperlinks subvert Hierarchy”. We are [..]

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I was asked about this recently, and immediately thought about the Apache nation that had only situational leaders, Nantans, who were in charge as long. Is leadership an emergent property of people working together or is it something delivered, in a top-down fashion by an individual. TweetNote: this post is in early Beta.


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This era of networked energy will be based on 5 pillars, all essential for a successful transition: shift to renewable energy shift buildings to. He sees the next industrial age, one bridging industrialism to continental collaboration as the most feasible post-carbon future. Writes Jeremy Rifkin in The Third Industrial Revolution.