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By: Eol Services  09-12-2011


This butt set assists with the installation, maintenance, and repairs of telephone lines. It has three modes for dialing: Pulse Dial (PD), Touch Tone (DTMF) and Meridian Digital Centrex (MDC or EBS). The MDC mode is for use on DMS-10, DMS-100 (MDC) central office switches as well as on all M5000 series lines.

This high-voltage detection device is for use when approaching conductive materials such as traffic lights, metal buildings, conduit, telephone pole ground wires, etc. It is capable of detecting hazardous DC and AC voltages.

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With certified electronic technologists on staff, EOL Services has focused repair service in the following areas. Telco line testing equipment such as Butt-in test sets, meters, voltage detectors, cable locators, etc. Fast turn-around times and extensive final testing are extremely important to our service department. Authorized repair center for all DPL equipment.