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By: Coastal Engineering Services  09-12-2011
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Coastal Engineering Services provides products, designs and recommendations to improve all facets of lubrication handling, storage, contamination control, dispensing, filtering, etc. We design automatic lubrication systems, central lube dispensing systems, mobile lube trucks, etc. Besides recommending certain products we also represent product lines and suppliers of lubrication equipment.

We are representatives of Graco lubricant dispensing equipment, Assalub grease flow meters, monitors and centralized greasing systems and pumps, OilSafe top-off containers, Des-Case desiccant breathers, UVLM acoustic greasing equipment, IFH oil storage systems, WearCheck oil analysis services, Wiggins quick couplers foroils,coolants and fuel and A2 Technologies on-site portable oil anaylising equipment including PAL and iPAL.

Coastal Engineering Services is an agent for Howard Marten Company of Pickering, Ont., a fluid handling company who are distributors for Lubriquip, Trabon, Pulsarlube, Hilco, UFM flow monitors, Whitmore lubricants, Unitech mechanical seals, Pumpworks API process pumps and others.

The following list contains detailed descriptions of products and services provided by Coastal Engineering Services:

1. Automated Lubrication Systems Design & Supply ( Oil & Grease )

Coastal Engineering Services can provide automated centralized lubrication system designs for both grease and oil applications. Whether it's oil for chain and sprocket lube or grease for bearings and open gears, we can provide a workable design. Your application may be a small system with only a few bearing points or a large widespread system with many points. Either way, Coastal Engineering can come up with the right design using the correct products along with properly sized lube supply and distribution lines. We are familiar with and have access to many product lines including Lubriquip, Lincoln, Graco, Oil-Rite, Purgex, Pulsarlube, etc. Besides these lines, we are familiar with Farval, Groenveld and others. Give us an application and we'll come up with a reliable and cost-effective design for you!

Electric Motor Lubrication or Hard-To-Access Bearings - Pulsalube Programmable Single Point Lubricators for Oil or Grease

Re-useable and re-fillable. Available in battery-powered or external power source (i.e. 120VAC with adaptor). Explosion proof dispensers are also available in Class I, Division II, Groups C & D. Sizes available are 125 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml with grease and 500 ml only with oil. You can specify the brand and type of grease you want and therefore maintain continuity with your present grease used and avoid and cross contamination.


2. Mobile Lubrication Truck Design & Supply 

Coastal Engineering Services has designed several lube trucks for the mining and construction industries as well as for heavy  equipment dealers. We have designed trucks for Nova Construction, Diamond Equipment, Irving Equipment and Municipal Contracting as well as Atlantic Tractors and Equipment (Caterpillar), Wallace Equipment (John Deere), Wilson Equipment (Komatsu) and Strongco (Hitachi). Mining customers include Voisey's Bay Nickel, Little Narrows Gypsum, National Gypsum and Georgia-Pacific.

Working through a local contractor, the truck can be assembled and tested prior to delivery to the customer. Designs include both open and closed trucks with hydraulic-driven, electric-driven, diesl-driven or air-driven equipment and components such as compressors, lube pumps, hose reels, generators, etc. We will design a truck to suit your needs based on your preferences. Truck designs include GVWR and GAWR compliance with road and highway axle scaling requirements.  We can design a lube trailer if wanted as well as portable lube skids which can be carried on a flat deck truck and removed when not neeeded. Also, for the in-plant environment, we can design a portable lube cart using, for example, an Ez-Go electric cart. Give us the opportunity and we'll design and build a portable lube system for you!  

 3. Plant Audit of Lubricant Handling & Storage Practices

Coastal Engineering can work with your lubrication personnel providing recommendations to improve lubricant handling and storage practices. This will help you to prevent lubricant contamination, thus reducing risk to your expensive plant operating equipment. We can audit your plant and come up with cost-effective solutions and proactive recommendations to improve housekeeping, lubricant storage, lubricant transfer, filtration, etc. Did youknow that its costs 10 times more to removecontaminants from oil than it does to prevent them from entering in the first place? 

IFH modular style oil storage racks c/w pump, filters, breathers, etc.

These containers have a 65 USG capacity and are available in a variety of configurations.

   IFH Oil Storage Racks                             Oil -Safe Containers on IFH Stand                   Oilsafe Top-Off Containers  

Coastal Engineering Services can provide you with a "rating" of your plant's lubrication program performance. This rating is based on two sources; one being the responses from your maintenance and lubrication personnel to a questionaire completed by Coastal Engineering and the second being a plant inspection of lubrication practices and methods also done by Coastal Engineering. Based on these two parameters, a fair and realistic score or rating can be obtained. If necessary, based on this rating, we can provide recommendations for improvements. A follow-up audit 3 to 6 months later, is recommended. The same procedure as described above would be done, a new score or rating obtained. By comparing the first rating with the most recent, the progress you have made in your lubrication program can be measured. Using this format, you have a means of measuring your progress which can be paralled with your plant equipments' performance and reliability; thus providing a corellation and justification for your proactive money expenditures. We know that with an improved lubrication program, positive results will follow.

We want to work along with your lubricant technicans as a partner and as someone you can rely on for advise and problem-solving. Our efforts are to save you money, period. A small investment can mean enormous savings ( an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure)! Let us audit your plant today so you can start savingyour profits and increase your plant equipment's reliability!

4. Lubrication System Trouble Shooting & On-Site Inspection

Problem solving - That's what we want to do for you. Tell us your pain and we'll do what we can to relieve it! Today, plant operators and maintenance people are looking for problem solvers; people who can assess a problem and come up with a solution, either with the application of a new product or with a refinement to an existing method/system or the introduction of a new method/system.

Coastal Engineering Services has the experience to do inspections of centralized lubrication systems detecting possible problems or making recommendations to improve their function.                                                             

We want to take on your challenges, help you solve problems and reduce stess so that you can focus on other plant operation improvements rather than putting out fires. Let us help solve your problems, reduce costsand improve equipment reliability today! 

5. Lubrication Handling & Dispensing Equipment

                                    ELECTRIC GREASE & OIL PUMPS                                                                GREASE CONTROL VALVE                                                                OIL METERS

Coastal Engineering Services has access to many lines of lubrication equipment. These include items such as Graco pumps, hose reels, meters, filters, etc., E-Power electric grease and oil pumps, Assalub grease meters, Lubriquip centralized lubricating systems, Oil-Rite products, Pulsarlube single point lubricators, Hilco oil filtering systems and replacement filters, Des-Case desiccant breathers, UVLM acoustic greasing equipment and others. We represent Howard Marten Company of Pickering, Ontario as an agent. Howard Marten Company is one of the largest Lubriquip distributors in Canada, with a large inventory and lubrication specialists on staff to support the product. Look to us for your lubrication equipment needs; we can supply the right product for your application!  

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