MC 501

By: Bioaquatic Solutions  09-12-2011

MC501 is a highly concentrated bio-organic catalyst composition formulated to provide a powerful catalytic cleaning agent that creates an immediate solubilization and breakdown of difficult organic contaminates. This Bio-Organic product is designed to eliminate fats, oils, greases and bio-films

MC501 is the most advanced and efficient surface cleaner / degrease’r  available for all cleaning applications, regarding many industries wanting to achieve a superior clean. This BOC product is designed to effectively remove Fogs and other organic contaminants from surfaces or within containers. It replaces the use of chemical solvents, caustics, detergents and other dangerous chemicals in most industrial / commercial and home applications of cleaning.

MC 501 provides the next generation in the cleaning arts; a non-toxic, non-caustic, environmentally friendly cleaning agent that actually enhances total ecological health while removing the microscopic bio-films which trap and incubate septic microorganisms. Unlike traditional detergents and disinfectants that leave behind dead pathenogenic bacteria that become food for new pathogens providing an enviroment  for new growth. MC501 simply removes the bio films that harbour microorganisms / pathogens there is nothing left for new organisms to consume and multiply there for a superior safer longer lasting clean surface is achieved.

Dilution rates vary depending on contamination level and desired strength, from mixing 2-3 ounces of MC 501 per gallon of water in general cleaning applications, 2 ounces of MC 501 per 100 gallons of water for use within high pressure water systems.

MC 501 is highly effective when used as directed, and is not recommended to be used full strength.

MC 501 safety profile is unmatched in the cleaning industries, removing all possibilities of work place accidents. Regarding cleaning solvents no eye, skin, or respiratory protection are required.

Providing A safe and clean environment for your home, employes, industries, and the world.

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