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By: Tdsm  09-12-2011
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Satisfy CSA procedures for HoS, vehicle inspection, driver qualification and training with TDSM’s new web-based Driver Suite applications. In business since 1989, all Driver Suite modules share a common SQL database to create a virtual link between Human Resources, Safety, Accounting and Management. Always accurate reports highlight CSA issues by driver, groups, terminals and corporate, over any date range.

Driver Log Audit (HoS)

Scan, audit, and report on up to 4,400 logs per hour. Integrate logs from all sources into one complete set of reports. Instantly report HoS violations, log falsification, log entry errors (CSA solution) and (optional) VIR exceptions. Recover up to 20 minutes of drive time/day/driver by recording duty-status changes by the minute. Internet based for easy, secure access. "Archive" option stores log images for immediate recall. Auto-delete unwanted images. Web-based training videos guarantee existing staff maximize their time and ensure new staff get up to speed quickly. TDSM "Support" is always toll-free, during normal business hours, for approved clients. Always be compliant to 49 CFR/395….

Driver Qualification (DQ) (Paperless)

Improve driver relations. Increase driver retention. Manage every aspect of qualifying a new employee (driver, warehouseman, forklift operator, office staff) (CSA solution). Maintain accurate employee files(CSA solution). Integrates with TDSM’s HoS, Fleet Maintenance (Q2-’11), Accident Tracker and Training Tracker to create a virtual link between all departments. Reduce dependency on paper files. Scan/Store images of important documents to employee’s file for quick retrieval. Add an employee’s photo for instant recognition and security. Internet based for access anywhere by approved users. Your data is encrypted for privacy. Always be compliant to 49 CFR/391.51.

Accident Tracker (The VAULT)

Never loose an important document again. Scan everything related to an accident or other roadside event into the VAULT (requires"ARCHIVE") for permanent retention, view from anywhere, simple secure distribution. Include all pertinent logs and VIRs. Store original documents safely off-site. Multiple levels of security allow full access or limited viewing. Distribute images are encrypted for security. Easily prepare for special events. Improve driver relations.

Training Tracker (HoS/DQ)

Greatly reduce training costs and in-class downtime. Easily prepare and deliver remote training classes. Always accurate driver files. Never miss an expiry date again. Deliver YOUR training videos or ours via the internet directly to the cab or classroom for viewing and subsequent testing. Instantly update employee’s file with successful completion to maintain "Qualified" status and report results to Safety/HR/Dispatch (CSA solution). Improve driver relations. Integrates with HoS and DQ (required).

Driver Safety Awards

Manage your awards program (Million-miles, Years of Service, etc.) and associated certificates and inventory items. Easily prepare for special events. Improve driver relations. Stand-alone or integrate with other TDSM Driver Suite packages.

Driver E-Log (HoS) (Paperless)

Recover up to 20 minutes of drive time/day/driver. Audit duty-status changes by the minute. Easy upgrade to full EOBR. Electronic log on your laptop. Voice prompts alert of pending HOS violations and hours remaining. Can include VIR. Constant HoS compliance reports on-screen. Print or view up to 14-days prior logs at roadside. Integrates with all Driver Suite modules. Eliminate edit and audit time. No missing logs, ever. Transmit logs from any Wi-Fi site or cellphone to corporate or TDSM. O/O’s use TDSM’s website as storage and to download monthly CSA reports.

EOBR (HoS) (Paperless)

Recover up to 20 minutes of drive time each day per driver. Automated e-log creation minimizes risk of HoS falsification by verifying duty-status entries against the engine ECM. Voice prompts alert of pending HoS violations and hours remaining. Constant HoS compliance on-screen. Print or view up to 14 days-prior logs at roadside. TDSM is also a Qualcomm Certified Marketing Partner.

Fleet Maintenance (Q2-’11) (Paperless)

Manage the daily activities of your service department. Maximize productivity. Eliminate expensive downtime and out-of-service violations. Reduce high-priced over-the-road repairs. First release Q2-’11 to manage vehicle expiries and schedule maintenance. Integrate with "VIR" module to update service manager of inspection issues. Phase 2 plans integrate DQ as an employee resource planning tool to guarantee all service staff maintain qualified status. Future design plans include a scheduling assistant for complete asset assignment (service bay(s), qualified mechanic(s), parts on-hand, others as recommended by clients).

Keywords: logs