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By: Mariner Partners  09-12-2011

Fuse the power of Web 2.0 and IPTV technologies with frostt: a ready to use delivery platform for deploying interactive IPTV services. The platform accelerates innovation by minimizing time to market; turning internet applications into IPTV revenues!  Quick, simple and low risk deployments.

IPTV Solutions for Rural Telcos

In today’s ever changing competitive marketplace TV has become a must-have for all telcos, regardless of size, to compete effectively.

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IPTV Solutions for Rural Telecoms

Challenges remain for all service providers, specifically delivering consistent service quality and cost effective TV operations. Having the knowledge of local viewership trends is critical to managing our local programming on BEKTV,. From business case to customer churn analysis. Mariner's IPTV Solutions for Rural Telcos. Why you need IPTV; Why you need Mariner. TV is not just a big player's game.