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By: Manheim  09-12-2011

Condition Reports

Manheim InSight ECR is a premium, buyer-focused inspection product designed to increase in-lane and online success. Using state-of-the-art software, certified inspectors capture images and information related to vehicle equipment and condition.

Manheim InSight ECR features our exclusive AutoGrade - an industry first system that calculates the proper Manheim/NAAA Vehicle grade based on the collected vehicle information.

Vehicle images, Inspection content and AutoGrade appear online through Manheim's Simulcast and may also be posted with listed vehicles.

Buyer Benefits

  • Increased buying confidence
  • Effective comparison shopping
  • Clear understanding of vehicle condition and reconditioning recommendations
  • Decreased risk of arbitration/buy back hassles

Seller Benefits

  • Higher online sales percentage
  • Higher sales price in-lane and online
  • Clear understanding of reconditioning recommendations
  • Decreased risk of arbitration/buy back hassle

Certified Inspections

Manheim offers sellers an opportunity to highlight vehicles that are exceptional in regards to condition and reliability. Vehicles that are eligible for and undergo a Manheim Certified Inspection are checked for exterior and interior condition, as well as under the hood to assure reliability. The 32-point Inspection covers engine, transmission, rear end, paint condition, mileage, body components, brakes, steering, title and interiors.

Dealer Benefits

  • Buyers will be assured that the vehicle they purchase has been thoroughly inspected and has met the stringent requirements for inclusion in the Manheim Certified Program. The 14-day Guarantee that Manheim will repair or accept a return on any Manheim Certified vehicle gives the buyer extra confidence in the purchase.
  • Sellers will benefit from the fact that Manheim stands behind each Manheim Certified vehicle. The prime positioning in the sale with enhanced marketing attention equates to a higher sale price and an increased sales percentage.


The vehicle is required to arrive at the operating location 5 days prior to sale day. This early arrival will ensure that the multi-point Inspection is done right and that the vehicle is ready for the sale. In addition to the 32-point Inspection of the interior, exterior and mechanical components, the vehicle will be test driven to ensure drivability. After the Inspection, Manheim Certified vehicles are checked into the premier lane and given a prime positioning number.


The Inspection is Guaranteed for 14 days after the sale on the items inspected. At any time during this period, the vehicle can be returned to the nearest Manheim location for repairs or full return at Manheim's discretion.

Post-Sale Inspections

Dealer Benefits

  • Added peace of mind
  • Frame and Mechanical Inspection
  • Reliable consistency of price and offer across all Manheim locations
  • Saves time and money

Automatic Post-Sale Inspection Option

Participating locations allow dealers to designate all non-factory sale purchases to have 7-day or 14-day Post-Sale Inspections performed automatically.

Online Buy Back Policy Applies When You Purchase a Post-Sale Inspection

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