integrator2 - Professional Services

By: Integrator2  09-12-2011

Applied Courseware Technology, Inc. (ACT) almost 20 years experience analysis, design, development, and in-service support of: Training, Performance, and Human Systems Integration (HSI) solutions. The Company focuses on:

  1. Technical Solutions for analysis, design, development, and assessment of Training Systems, Performance and HSI tools, including:
    • Instructional Design (ID)
    • Manpower Analysis
    • Training Situation Analysis (TSA)
    • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
    • Courseware Production, and
    • Total Training Systems (from TSA to School house optimization)
  2. Professional Services in:
    • Instructional Systems Design and Development
    • Project Management
    • Training Development
    • Courseware Quality Assurance
    • Performance Assessment
    • Integration and Technical Support
  • Consulting in technology feasibility and business case studies,
  • Developing training systems for corporate, government and military clients,
  • Courseware production,
  • Developing powerful and well designed tools for training analysis, design and maintenance of training and education projects,
  • High levels of experience in Online Learning and Interactive Courseware,
  • Research and development in training technology,
  • Internationally recognized expertise in Authoring Systems and related technologies,
  • Current, leading edge experience in training analysis, design and development,
  • A history of successful and timely completion of projects.