Best Restoration Products For Your Roof And Side Walls

By: Indushield Protective Coatings  09-12-2011

The three products (INDUSTRIAL GRADE FIBRED ALUMINUM  COATING, INDUSTRIAL GRADE ELASTOMERIC COATING, INDUSTRIAL GRADE RUBBERIZED PATCHING COMPOUND)that we install on the vast majority of our client's buildings, roofs, side walls, metal structures, etc.. are those that we have been using for over two decades. With this extensive product experience, we have tested a number of different installation procedures and presently use the best possible practices. We understand the exact methods, systems and technologies that are necessary to install the coatings in an efficient and effective manner. We know the procedures and conditions that enable our products to perform at their maximum and we take great pride in this capability. Our commitment to quality workmanship is backed by company values that place client satisfaction and corporate integrity as our number one priority.

In this section is a description of the three products that Indushield uses on the majority of its installations. Some of the major advantages of each are also listed.

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