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By: Gardenscape  09-12-2011
Keywords: Bags, Soil Conditioner, Cedar Mulch

Pine Bark Nuggets – Available in 2cf and 3cf bags. Our pine bark nuggets range from 1 ¼” to 3 ½” in diameter.

Pine Bark Mini Nuggets – Comes in 2cf and 3cf bags. Our pine bark mini nuggets are a smaller bark chip ranging from ¾” to 2” in diameter.

Pine Bark Mulch – 100% shredded southern pine bark. Light brown in color. Comes in 2cf and 3cf bags.

Red Dyed Nuggets and Mini Nuggets - Our red dyed nuggets are pine bark nuggets and mini nuggets dyed with Becker Underwood dyes. Available in 2cf bags.

Soil Conditioner – Available in 2cf bags, and is made of pine bark fines that is available green or aged.

Cypress Mulch – Gardenscape cypress mulch is a product of North Carolina or Florida. Provides excellent moisture retention and forms a weed resistant mat. Comes in 2cf or 3cf bags.

Shredded Hardwood Mulch – Shredded bark from oak, cherry and maple trees that is double processed. Naturally aged to provide a dark brown color. Shredded hardwood mulch is excellent for sloped areas. Holds moisture and deters weed growth. Comes in 2cf and 3cf bags.

Black Pearl Mulch – Black pearl mulch is well-aged, dark, fine hardwood mulch. Black pearl mulch darkens with age to a very dark black color. It is excellent organic mulch. Comes in 2cf bags.

Canadian Natural Cedar Mulch – Our natural cedar mulch comes from Canada and is available in 2cf and 3cf bags. It is natural medium-deep brown mulch. Cedar is a natural insect repellent and is naturally aromatic.

Colored Cedar Mulches – Gardenscape colored cedar mulches are available in 2cf and 3cf bags. Natural cedar mulch is shredded then dyed with red, black, and brown coloration.

Cocoa Mulch – Our cocoa mulch is made from the shell of a cocoa bean and gives off a delicious chocolate scent. Comes in 2cf bags.

Keywords: Bags, Cedar Mulch, Cypress Mulch, Hardwood Mulch, Moisture Retention, Soil Conditioner,

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