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New Features
(included in FLTDUTY editions serial numbers after #2875 from Jan 2009)

  • 24 HOUR CLOCK  User selectable default time of day display.  There is now an option for having the time entries for duty and on call display in either a 24 hour clock (08:00, 16:00) or the previously standard AM/PM notation (8:00 AM, 4:00 PM)

  • SINGLE PILOT ACCESS  Single Pilot security access cannot alter his training records.  The Pilot Records section is available for viewing and for making reports, but all the text boxes have been locked so the pilot cannot modify or delete his training or personal items.

  • LOGBOOK PRINTOUT  In the PLUS Editions there is now a feature to have all the days with flights reported (which should duplicate the pilot's personal logbook entries..) along with a "Time on Types" summary if desired.  Good for reporting currency and experience to date or in the prevoius 12 months, for insurance.

  • NEW FOR 2010!  RESIZE for Table and CARs Text.  You can drag the edges of the main form (or click Maximize) and have the Table and the CARs text expand to fill the space both vertically and horizontally on the screen.  You still need to use scroll bars for some Table selections, but more of the screen is used for the display.  (After serial number #2893.)

  • NEW FOR 2010! TRAINING RECORD WARNING appears on the Main Screen with a flashing graphic Pilot Records button caption when there are next due dates close or past in the information you've entered in the Pilot Records training or licensing section.  This will flash to get your attention on the command button right side of the screen and progressively slow to disappear in case you are not going to change the info this session.  (After serial number #2894.)

  • NEW FOR 2011!  There is no more limit on the DATES AVAILABLE in any pilot record during any one session.  You can select (or type) dates earlier than Day 1 of the record in the Entry Date box and the range of available dates will extend, preserving your existing data.  You can select (or type) dates past the previous limit of 120 days into the future and there will be blank Entry Dates available with your chosen default settings long into the future.  (After serial number #2900.)

  • NEW FOR 2011!  The "Next Due" dates for "same as 90 days" option is now adjusted to allow the extra month on the initial test only.  Subsequent renewals done within 90 days of the 1st day of the 13th (or 7th.. or 25th..) month will be calculated ahead for 12 months (or 6 months.. or 24 months) only.


All the FLTDUTY Editions are written in Visual Basic 6.0 and therefore require Windows 95 or later environment with access to the Windows Registry and Windows shared files.  This usually means operation on a PC, or a Mac with Windows installed. 

FLTDUTY is not a spreadsheet program, nor is it compatable with Microsoft Excel on PC's or PDA's.  Data is stored in comma delimited text files arranged by date in sequence from Day 1.  Files can be opened in Notepad however most fields are Boolean (1's or 0's) or Text and cannot easily be interpretted by other applications.  (I can sometimes convert your old files from Excel to FLTDUTY format if you decide to purchase and need seamless conversion from an Excel based system you are currently using.)  

FLTDUTY is a stand alone Windows application with a graphical user interface in the familiar Windows format.  The program is not designed to be installed on a server although many users have done this and operate successfully with some attention to management of data entry to avoid simultaneous file revisions. 

FLTDUTY will only work if your Windows Regional Settings are set to English (Canada).  There are formatting and date convention issues with French (Canada) and even English (United States) will not work.

The current version of FLTDUTY XLS is Version 2.05.  This was issued in the summer of 2005 (in response to CBAAC #0241) as a free update to all registered users and has been the current issue since.  The current CARs Amendment is 2011-1 but no changes have required new code in the FLTDUTY calculations for several years.  My update #05-002 includes some minor glitch fixes and refinements as we go.  Serial numbers are currently in the 2900's.  Earlier versions are probably still accurate and will give good service.  Transport Canada will be looking for version 2.05 at audit time.  Some improvements have been made to accommodate the Windows Vista environment after serial number #2850.  Registered users can update for free by contacting me directly for a download.

The Licensing Agreement implicit in each sale of FLTDUTY allows the registered company user to make and distribute copies of the software for pilots or remote operations for "in house" use.  Pilots on assignment away from the head office may carry copies of FLTDUTY on laptops or even install on other base desktops to keep their records current.  Some sort of centralization and update procedure needs to be in place so all copies have current information.  Support, Help and Updates will be available through the company office copy.

The PLUS Edition with aircraft time on type records, flight time validity tracking as well as the expanded training records section is the newest variation.  All copies of FLTDUTY can be upgraded at any time for the difference in the initial price.

Here are the variants and purchasing options:

FLTDUTY XLS Basic Edition

The Basic XLS monitors pilot flight duty, flight and rest times and you can keep information on medicals, PPC's for up to 4 types, IFR and exam renewals and recurrent training for 6 items.  It will tell you when you approach a limit and apply the relevant CARs for any type of operation to apply the least restrictive limits available. 

The Basic XLS sells for $249.95

FLTDUTY PLUS Expanded Features Edition

There is an add-on available to the Basic XLS version called PLUS which expands the Pilot Record section and allows for additional and more flexible initial training, recurrent training and aircraft specific training for up to 7 types.  This offers a more comprehensive capability for training records for large operations. 

You can record the aircraft types flown during the duty in the PLUS Edition and develop pilot total time on types records. 

The PLUS Edition also has the ability to track recurrency flight items (like night recurrency or IFR) and warns you when a validity limit is approaching. 

The PLUS edition with expanded Pilot Records costs $549.95

FLTDUTY PRO Database Edition

There is also a PRO version which includes all the Basic features plus a database for maintaining aircraft movements and activities which can be queried for various sorts of analysis over any period desired. 

This requires Journey Logbook type entries along with the duty time entries.  PRO uses an Access Jet database for the aircraft journey log entries as well as the comma delimited text files for the pilot schedules and duty times.  Other Access programs may be able to use PRO data from entries other than the duty time schedule.

This feature is not suitable for maintenance or component time tracking. 

The PRO version sells for $399.95


If you want both add-ons, the PRO/PLUS edition is $649.95  

FLTDUTY SP Single Pilot Editi on

There is a Single Pilot version which includes the Basic XLS features but is limited to a single pilot record.   Also available with the PLUS features upon request.

The Single Pilot version for individual pilots costs $79.95  

Fees and Subscriptions

There are no ongoing subscription fees but following a CARs amendment that affects the calculations I can replace your CD ROM for a $50 handling fee in lieu of the normal free download patch.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Pilot, Pilot Flight