EGO - Product Selection Guide

By: Eastern Greenway  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fuel

New Improved Formula
"4+ Premium", "4+ Arctic" and "Diesel Boost" have been reformulated
with DPF X-Tend™ and Black-Filter Eliminator™ technology.                 
Year Round All purpose, all season, water removal, cleaning, fuel stability, high cetane improver, lubricity, carbon reduction.
Year Round High lubricity, all purpose. Use where lubricity is main concern. ** Use only when above -10 degrees C **
Year Round Super strength injection system cleaner, Highly concentrated. Normally used for gummed up system.
Year Round All season truck application. Economical product
Year Round Fuel Oil Biocide. Kills bacteria and slime in fuel on contact
Year Round Heating Oil Treatment. Prevents gelling, cleans nozzles and improves flow.
Year Round Water disperser for fuel/oil storage tanks. Inhibits bacterial growth in storage tanks.
Year Round High Performance Diesel Cetane Booster Dramatic Power & Torque Increase Cleaner Cold Starts, Reduced Combustion Noise Increase Cetane Number up to 9 points
Winter Cold weather anti-gel with high cetane improver, lubricity, cleaner, water disperser.
Winter Emergency cold weather treatment (for already gelled fuel)
** Do not use as regular anti-gel **
Gasoline Two-in-one treatment which contains a high level of storage stabilizers, works best in equipment that is often parked or stored.

Year Round Penetrates and lubricates, frees seized parts, stops squeaks, made from 100% vegetable oil, biodegradable, non-toxic, thousands of uses(home, automotive, industrial, marine)

Year Round
All Purpose Pentrating Fluid
An environmentally-friendly concrete form release oil which is biodegradable and has very little odour.

Keywords: Fuel