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By: Dennis Financial  09-12-2011
Keywords: Debt Consolidation, Vacation Property, Interest Rates

A major dream for many people is owning a home or vacation property – free and clear. One way to get there faster is to minimize interest on loan payments and maximize the interest you earn on your savings.

Because Investment Planning Counsel is an independent company, our team can shop the market for the best interest rates on your behalf. Through our subsidiary, IPC Save Inc., you have access to a complete suite of financial products selected from among Canada’s foremost banks and trust companies.

As a full-service mortgage broker, IPC Save also offers a full spectrum of mortgage and lending services – from pre-approvals and rate guarantees to flexible payment options and refinancing. We can also help you examine options to leverage the equity built up in your home for investing or debt consolidation.

Taking the time to scrutinize the interest you pay on your debts and receive on your savings is a worthwhile exercise. Let us help you review your current situation to ensure you’re taking advantage of all opportunities to eliminate a mortgage and fund other goals.

To receive a free, unbiased mortgage evaluation,


Mortgage Brokering services provided by IPC Save Inc. (ON Lic.# 10227).

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As part of our overriding goal to help you live your dream, IPC has developed a process and set of services for specific groups of people who share similar needs and financial goals. Building on this framework, we then tailor each service to the individual situation of each client. Learn more about the special set of services we provide.


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Dennis Financial Team

It allows us to choose from an array of investment options to build the optimal portfolio for your needs – one that will help you earn the long-term rate of return you need to reach your goals, at a risk level you are comfortable with in the near term. Our clients take comfort knowing that IPC professionals are continuously monitoring portfolio performance against the changing market context, based on specific criteria rather than emotion.


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Only with a carefully thought-out financial plan can you be sure to make the most of your resources … and to protect against risks along the way. Finding the shortest and safest route to your dreams requires planning.