Dan MacDonald - Photographer from Moncton, NB, Canada specializing in sports action, live performance and documentary photography

By: Dan Macdonald  09-12-2011
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Regardless of whether I'm taking player portraits for a local minor hockey team, or providing specialized coverage for major organizations, I pursue all of my photographic services with the same enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to quality.

Sports Photography

Sports photography services for individuals, teams and other amateur and professional events.

I offer a variety of sports-related photographic services:

Team and Individual Portraits: The traditional team and player photographs. Products include both team and player photos, memory mates, trader cards, bookmarks ⁄ game tickets, magazine covers, single-page calendars, postcards, and half-fold cards that can be printed plain or include a seasonal message or greeting. Prints are available in sizes ranging from wallet-sized to 11x14 inches and larger. Custom collages are available through special order.

Individual Action Photography: Action photography dedicated to a single athlete or official. Over one or more games, the emphasis will be on a single subject with the goal of best capturing their play, their energy, and their enthusiasm for the game.

General Action Photography: The focus is more on providing overall coverage of the team, game or event and less on individual athletes.

Freelance: Freelance assignments for media and other organizations. It may be short or long-term, consist of simple or in-depth coverage, and it can focus on any of an individual athlete, a team or group, an organization, or a special event.

Performance Photography

Performance photography for dance, concerts, plays and other events.

I provide photographic services for dance recitals, theatre groups, bands and musicians, and similar groups and events.

I can offer coverage of an individual performer or an entire event. The coverage can consist of just the live performance, or it may also include dress and other rehearsals, backstage and behind-the-scenes shots, studio shots for musicians, etc.

Freelance Assignments

Freelance work for both documentary and photojournalism.

I provide freelance services to regional, national and international media and other organizations.

I offer photographic still coverage for community events, sporting events and tournaments, current news stories, and both short or long-term documentaries.

Keywords: Photography