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By: Concept J  09-12-2011

Okay, you have your domain name, and the website you are so proud of is being hosted quite well. Family and friends congratulate you. But are they the only visitors?

Do you wish to increase your website traffic? Would you like for your website to appear in the first few pages of popular browsers like Google, Bing or Yahoo? Then let Concept J MULTIMEDIA optimize your site (SEO - Search Engine Optimization).

As the number of websites has increased exponentially, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be recognized. Let Concept J  MULTIMEDIA specialists revise your web content and help you get great front page results.

Did you know..

Approximately 80% of Internet users begin their navigation session with a search engine request.

Moreover, more than 90% of web surfers will change their search criteria if they don't find what they want in the first 30 results.

Whoever arrives at your website through a search engine is much more likely to become a client of yours, given the fact that at that precise moment they are conducting a specific search for your products or services. 

This is why it is extremely important to optimize your website placement in order to attract visitors who are looking for the exact products or services that you have to offer.

Today, you can’t leave it to chance. 

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So it's only too natural for NB-Shopping to continue in its tradition by offering even more sales opportunities for our New Brunswick businesses with its new social-buying model representing a variety of products and services in activity sectors such as restaurants, wellness, sports and cultures, travel, shopping, training and much more.