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By: Classic Construction  09-12-2011
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Classic Construction Ltd. offers many asphalt services to our customers. We provide paving solutions for municipal and private clients, ranging from driveways to busy city thoroughfares, while ensuring top quality and customer satisfaction. We are the only company in the region to offer StreetPrint® decorative paving solution to our clients, as well as the vibrant, safety-conscious DuraThermTM crosswalks and asphalt patters.

Standard Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is a crucial part of everyday life. Over the course of a typical day in your car, you may encounter paved driveways, streets, and highways. However, uneven pavement can damage your car more than you think. Tires wear thin, undersides become scratched and even damaged, when the asphalt underneath is not properly maintained. At Classic Construction Ltd., we conform to the highest standards of paving techniques, allowing you a safer, cleaner, and smoother ride.

StreetPrint® Decorative Paving

The cost of driveway finishing can rise exponentially with the laying of cement or brick. Decorative finishes such as these are typically sold at a premium and do not always allow for the same restorations as asphalt, in the case of a crack or split.

However, with StreetPrint®, you receive the beauty of a decorative finish at a fraction of the cost, while retaining the added efficiency of pavement. We offer an array of patterns and colours, to ensure that you have a completely unique driveway that fits what you need. As the only authorized applicator of StreetPrint®in South-eastern New Brunswick, we take pride in our work, knowing that you will be satisfied with your beautiful new driveway.


Traditional crosswalks tend to wear down rapidly, as high volumes of traffic can disturb the paint and cause it to erode. DuraThermTM is a specially designed synthetic polymer that is designed to sit flush with asphalt to prevent the problems of erosion. After a pattern is pressed into the asphalt, DuraThermTM is applied and heated to bond with the pavement, effectively creating a long-lasting inlaid decorative pattern. These patterns are also more visually vibrant than typical sidewalks, allowing for safer crossing.

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