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By: Aeg Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: management solutions, Noise Control, Worker Safety


provides technology and management solutions for marine aquaculture operations while focusing on specific needs of the fish farm operator. All

AEG Solutions

must meet five sustainability criteria that ensure products are:

  • Socially Acceptable - Products must help to mitigate social issues frequently associated with marine aquaculture operations. Example social mitigation resulting from deployment of AEG Solutions include: integration with other users including wild fisheries, noise control from marine aquaculture operations, and increased worker safety while working in exposed oceanographic conditions.
  • Cost-Effective - Products must be cost-effective in terms of economic feasibility, ease of deployment, decreased maintenance effort, extended life-expectancy, and compatible with some existing farm infrastructure and operations to decrease potential disruption following adoption.
  • Eco-Friendly - Products must help to reduce the environmental impact associated with operational footprint, benthic nutrient loading, and escapee interactions with wild fish stocks, among other environmental issues.
  • Focused Design - Products must be appropriately designed from an aquaculture perspective and to provide value engineering for our clients. Marine aquaculture investors today are becoming increasingly sophisticated and demand assurances that all necessary engineering analyses and third-party verification are completed before products are available for purchase. Our approach provides the best value for operator investment while instilling confidence and trust in AEG Solutions.
  • Robust for Survival - Products must allow marine aquaculture expansion to locations having medium- to high-energy with respect to waves and current, although AEG Solutions are equally suited for deployment on protected nearshore sites. Further, the fish stock must also be able to survive the same conditions for farm success and therefore considered during product design.

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