By: Atlantic NLP  19-09-2012
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For the 1st time in Atlantic Canada 7 Days --- 4 Certificates Join the FasTrak to becoming a Certified Practitioner of: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Time Line Therapy ® Hypnotherapy NLP Coaching Gain the power to transform your life and help others transform theirs at one of our upcoming events! The Certification Process includes a pre-study pack which complements the intensive 7-day program, along with a complete support system for students both before and after the completion of the course. During the training, you will not only learn a vast array of techniques, you will also experience the equivalent of a Full Personal Breakthrough in order to fully see, hear, feel, and understand how quickly and effectively these techniques truly work. These are a few examples of issues past students have chosen to work on: Improve your Communication, Learn to Spot a Liar, Gain Confidence, Resolve Inner-Conflicts, Stop Procrastinating, Banish Phobias, Purge Bad Habits, Increase Sales Performance, Get Focused, Change Unwanted Beliefs, Release Negative Emotions, Rid yourself of Limiting Decisions, and So Much More! Who Should Take this Training? Anyone currently in Business, Sales, Marketing, or Management – Earn More Money in Less Time, Overcome hurdles in your way, Transform your Team, Motivate Groups, Grow your Business and Customer Base. Parents – Help your Children Learn Faster & Enjoy the Process, Give them Tools to Overcome Challenges, Give them a Head Start in Life. Therapists, Coaches & Educators – Help your Clients make Massive Shifts in Fewer Sessions, Gain new Skills that few others possess, Have your Practice Bursting with New Patients. Anyone who is Currently an Employee – Make an Additional Income part-time without leaving your job. Once Certified, there is No Limit to how soon You Can Get Out of the Race and Onto This New Path. Stop Wasting Time and Money learning the hard way, Now! Quantum Leap Your Future and Turbo-Charge Your Life!!! Our small classes ensure Personal Attention from the Lead Trainer to optimize the success of our students. Space is Limited!

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