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By: Casablanca Spa  09-12-2011

CasaBlanca Spa

is proud to use PHYTO 5 products


PHYTO 5 products are ENERGETIC by formulation, thanks to the blends of natural essential oils, and because of the way they are used according to the 5 Element Theory of TCM.

PHYTO 5 includes 5 lines corresponding to each group of skin conditions classified in the 5 Elements. They are also in harmony with the energy of each energetic season.

For people with one or more skin conditions, there is a PHYTO 5 line for you and specific treatment protocols. For better results, our proprietary equipment, used by a trained estheticians and/or massage therapists can be added to your treatments with products.

For people with balanced skin, our mission is to help you stay balanced, in harmony with the energetic seasons with our Seasonal Treatments.

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