Introduction and Acknowledgments

By: Advanced Ergonomics Services  09-12-2011
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Introduction And Acknowledgments
The Ergonomic Products Report was developed over serveral years by the technical staff of Advanced Ergonomics Inc. (AEI), and represents an outgrowth of the general ergonomics process. A job or task is evaluated in order to compare it to applicable ergonomic guidelines. When the job/task is found to be unacceptable based on the guidelines, the ergonomist then develops controls to correct the identified problems. At a practical level, when developing controls to solve an ergonomic problem, the analyst often becomes a product evaluator. If the present chair is determined to be unacceptable for the job, other chairs need to be evaluated to determine their acceptability. If a manual handling task is determined to be excessive, mechanical assists are evaluated to determine their acceptability.

As a result of this process, products have been identified that possess features that can be considered ergonomic. This report represents a compendium of those products.

The fundamental limitation of a report such as this is defined in the opening paragraph. An ergonomic product is identified on the basis of an ergonomic analysis of a job or task. What is ergonomic design for one job may not be ergonomic design for another. Attempts have been made in the report to specify the features of the product resulting in it's inclusion in the report. But, the user of this report is cautioned to evaluate the job/task, and then evaluate the products in terms of their ability to meet the requirements of the job/task. The report should be considered an aid in matching products to job requirements.

The editors wish to thank the many manufacturers and distributors who provided the necessary technical details regarding their products/services to establish their inclusion in the report.


While it is felt that this report represents the most extensive compilation of ergonomic products available, it cannot be considered totally comprehensive. The omission of a company or specific product from the report may be due to absence of knowledge of that company/product on the part of the editors. The editors apologize if any errors are found in this report.

Keywords: Advanced Ergonomics, Ergonomics,

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How to use the Ergonomic Products Report

Turning to the "Lift Tables" section in the chapter on Material Handling Equipment, you will find a variety of lift tables described in terms of these design features and others. The matrix regarding adjustable height workstations is equally applicable to industrial workstations even though it is contained in the section on office equipment.



Product evaluations performed by AEI include: Wafer manufacturing systems, hand-held data collection terminals, keyboards, hand tools, handling assist devices, seating, workstations, airplane cockpits, software, and many other products for company and individual use. We offer manufacturers an opportunity to have their equipment or products evaluated in relation to appropriate ergonomic guidelines and principles.