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By: Themens M E Dr  09-12-2011
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Dalhousie Veterinary Clinic, Dalhousie, New Brunswick | Services


As there are a number of groomers in the area that do an excellent job, it is unnecessary for us to offer this service. However, in the interest of safety, we do demat the ferocious feline that requires sedation..


There are, again, other facilities available that offer boarding services. We suggest that you check with your local kennel in advance to inquire which vaccinations they might require for your pet's stay. We highly recommend that if your dog is to be boarded that he receives a "kennel cough" vaccination. This should be done at least two weeks before its "vacation" at the boarding facility, in order to help prevent this very contagious disease.


We do routine dental work such as cleaning and extractions by appointment. A pre-dentistry examination is required before any dental surgery in order to determine what needs to be done and also to evaluate your pet's surgical health. This also allows us the opportunity to evaluate the need for a treatment of pre-surgery prophylactic antibiotics, if required. The reason prophylactic antibiotics could be recommended for your pet is when his mouth is “really bad” (heavy gingivitis/ tooth decay), or there is sign of infection. It is advisable to start these animals on an antibiotic treatment before their dentistry work is performed in order to help prevent "bacterial endocarditis". This is a condition, which may occur if bacteria leaves the oral cavity, and "seeds" in the heart.


Routine/elective surgery is performed at the Dalhousie location on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings by appointment. In the event of an emergency during regularly scheduled office hours, we request your patience and understanding if your appointment is delayed while we attend to the animal in distress..


The Clinic deals with a wide range of health issues. Please call ahead for an appointment so that we can properly schedule the time that your pet needs and deserves.


Some tests, such as heartworm and urinalysis, are done on-site. For more extensive analysis, samples are sent to the University of Prince Edward Island Some tests, such as heartworm and urinalysis, are done on-site. For more extensive analysis, samples are sent to the University of Prince Edward Island Veterinary College. The results are faxed to the Clinic, usually within two days, and they are discussed with the Pathologist on-duty. In this fashion, clients have the benefit of a specialist's interpretation of their pet’s results, in addition to our own.


We carry a wide selection of prescription diets, used to treat specific health conditions, on site or by special order. We recommend that you call ahead to confirm that your pet’s diet is on-hand as we order weekly in small quantities to avoid having to store diets for a long period of time. We wish to ensure that you and your pet always have the freshest food possible.

Preventative Medecine

There is no "one-size fits all" vaccination protocol for any animal as they all have different lifestyles and needs. If you have any questions or concerns about vaccination, heartworm prevention when you travel, fleas, or general "maintenance" questions, PLEASE ASK! Again, no question is too small..


The north shore veterinary community provides emergency Veterinary services, on a rotational basis, and this means there is a veterinarian always-available on-call for Emergencies. On the weekends, coverage is shared, on a rotating basis, between the regional Clinics in order to balance the necessity for emergency service with the needs of the veterinarians' families. On the Monday, following the "on call " weekend, an update is provided to us, allowing us to provide your pet with follow-up care in a familiar environment.

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