Boat Lifts

By: Nautilus Docks  09-12-2011
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Product features

Up to 5500lbs Capacity

•Tig welded

•Stainless steel or galvanized steel hardware (nuts, bolts)

•Stainless steel (304) cable on all lifts

•3", 4" & 5" acetal pulley with bronze bushing

•Stainless steel bearings used on larger models

Product benefits

•Easy to assemble

•V side design allows for easy acces to your boat

•V bed design allows shallower docking

•Easy to turn aluminum wheel

•Four fully adjustable legs

•Adjustable full length carpeted bunks

•Greater lifting height 60" (vertical)

•Winch cable guide (vertical) provides better tracking of cable on spool

•Lightweight, durable and maintenance free

•Rustproof and corrosion resistant

•Hydraulic lift design allows shallower docking (bed covered in just 12" of water)


Craftlander Vertical series lifts are constructed of special T-6 6061 aluminum extrusions and load tested from 130% to 200% its rated capacity. Much of the hoists construction utilizes bolts rather than welds to eliminate weld fatigue. This construction method also makes the hoist easy to assemble and transport. The hoists vertical high lift design keeps the boat far out of waves reach. Informed consumers prefer the vertical type design opposed to scissor (cantilever) type hoists. Scissor lift hoist designs are seldom suitable for shallow water applications due to diminished lift capacity and often cannot hoist boats up to a safe height.

Craftlander Pwc series lifts are constructed the same as the vertical series and are available in 3 models, two economical scissor type and a high lift vertical.

1.All hoists have fully adjustable legs with pivoting base pads for level installation.

2.Stainless cables and corrosion resistant fasteners.

3.Durable nylon pulleys with bronze bushings.

4.Unlike other hoists the Craftlander patented chain and gear driven winch system is made for boat hoists, it is not a simple boat trailer winch. They are sized and geared accordingly to the lifts weight capacity and still easy to turn on all hoist sizes. The winch wheel is larger than most, a full 48” in diameter.  Unlike other lower cost winch systems, Craftlander incorporates a winch cable guide to evenly distribute cable across the drum which prevents cable climbing and bunching.

5.All hoists have standard adjustable bunks that will accept in-board ski boats.

6.Optional full length guide on bunks, and motor stop.

Optional solar powered 12v winch unit is available and comes with a solar panel and mounting bracket.

Optional roof systems are available in the colour grey.

Keywords: Boat, Cables, Hoists, Lifts, winch