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By: Nautical Wireless  09-12-2011
Keywords: Technical Support, Wireless Antennas

Today, customers have very high expectations of businesses.  As technology has become more central in everyday life, customers expect high-speed access to the Internet for both personal and business uses in marina communities. The challenge marina communitiy owners face is serving these customers profitably.

Nautical Wireless Any-Port Access helps marina communities deliver fast, cost-effective wireless Internet access in their locations permitting them to satisfy customers’ desires with ease and differentiate their community from others. Using Nautical Wireless’ Any-Port Access,  marina communities owners can deliver a desirable service with very low startup costs and ongoing technical support while profiting from a share of the revenue generated by wireless Internet users.  In addition to paying for itself quickly, Nautical Wireless Any-Port Access generates repeat business and allows businesses to create new revenues.

Getting started is low-cost, low-effort and zero-maintenance
Fortunately, the up-front costs to offer wireless Internet access are extremely low. Nautical Wireless Any-Port Access solution consists of:

  • A managed wireless access point
  • Wireless Antennas throughout your community based on our installation services
  • A broadband Internet connection is required to connect the access point to the Internet. This can be either DSL or cable; or you can use your current high-speed Internet connection.
  • Nautical Wireless’ Any-Port installation services. Our services consist of: a site survey, initial installation, local community customization and technical support. If necessary, we will also arrange for the installation of a broadband connection for the wireless access point.

All the “back-end” services such as customer authorization, billing and end-user technical support are included with the managed wireless access point. Customers may simply call a our technical support number for any technical or access issues. In addition, a sophisticated Network Operations Center (NOC) constantly monitors the wireless access point in your location, freeing your staff from any technical support responsibilities and ensuring 24 hours a day / 7 days a week availability. Nautical Wireless handles everything, from installation to billing and customer support.

Any-Port Access will increase revenues and customer satisfaction
There are two major opportunities for marina community owners to increase revenues by offering Nautical Wireless Any-Port Access:

  • Revenue from users who access the service in your location is shared between Nautical Wireless and you. This revenue will quickly repay your initial investment and will generate profits that grow with increasing use.
  • Your hotspots will generate additional business. Customers will seek you out, stay longer, and buy more. You will have a unique differentiator for your marina community which can be combined with your service or products to create unique offers that bring higher profits.

How is revenue shared between Nautical and my property?

Why use Nautical Technology to install wireless Internet services?
In a market where technology can be confusing, Nautical Wireless delivers a unique combination of technical, marketing and sales experience that will ensure both your satisfaction and ultimate success. We are a focused consulting and service organization whose principals and partners have many decades of experience successfully and profitably integrating technology into business.

With Nautical Wireless, you can be assured that you will receive the level of attention and support along with quality products and services that you deserve.

Keywords: Technical Support, Wireless Antennas