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By: Nature's Creation  09-12-2011
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Catalog: Holiday Decor

Most people enjoy the holidays and you can add to that joy by incorporating the holidays into your marketing plan. This could mean you print greeting cards to mail out or you brighten up your brochure printing methods by including holiday colors and images.  

Many businesses get their decorations out in November, and while you can do that too, you should follow these tips to get in the holiday spirit.  

Know your customers’ preferences. Most of your customers or clients probably enjoy the holidays – images of turkeys gobbling around, Christmas decorations and bright lights strewn about – but some might not. You need to find out if your customers enjoy the holiday cheer, or if they couldn’t care less. If you are in a strip mall or office space that is loaded with decorations from neighboring businesses, your customers might welcome a non-decorated space to give them a break! Ask your customers what they prefer and follow the majority.  

Cater to your customers’ tastes when decorating. If you have upscale clients, you should invest in some nice, high-quality holiday decorations. Spend your money wisely – if your customers are not high-class, they will not expect fancy, animated decorations and you are just wasting your money if you invest in those. Maybe printing custom greeting cards with your logo and a personal message is all you need to spread the holiday cheer.  

Limit the space dedicated to the holiday. There is no rule that says every inch of your store has to be covered with holly or twinkling lights. You could set up a display in one corner of the store or dedicate an aisle or wall to the holiday decorations. This way the people that want to see the decorations can enjoy them and the people who don’t want to see the decorations can get away from them.  

Do not use the same decorations and techniques as everyone else. Invest in non-traditional holiday music or out-of-the-ordinary decorations to make your business stand out. Be sure to keep your customers in mind though – some may not appreciate a silver metal Christmas tree! Try to think of a holiday program that none of your competitors are doing. For instance, you could have a “kids-only” section of the store where the kids can buy their parents gifts without the parents seeing what they purchased. To let people know about your holiday program – you could use different brochure printing techniques, like a hologram image that shows the kids-only section or a 3D Santa Claus.  

Be personal in your print greeting cards. One of the worst things you can do when you send out your custom greeting cards is to have it signed from the company. Do not act like your company is a gigantic person! This is very impersonal and tells the customer that you did not make time for them by actually signing the card. If you have multiple employees, assign a batch of cards to each employee to sign so that you do not have to spend hours doing it yourself (although it is not a bad idea – if you have the time!). Have employees that actually work with certain clients sign those clients’ cards.  

Purchase business trinkets intelligently. Try to keep your business image and message in mind when buying gifts for your customers. A dentist giving out a box of ribbon candy does not quite make sense! A small fruit basket or something similar would jive with the dentist’s mission and brand better than candy. Make sure your gift aligns with, or at least does not contradict your brand.  

Also, do not go overboard with the costs of these gifts – if you cannot afford expensive ones, get inexpensive ones that your customers will appreciate, like stress balls. Do not forget to include at least your logo on these gifts, if not your address, Web site address, etc.

Keywords: Decorations, holiday

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