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By: Naturaldetroit  09-12-2011

Despite all the internet and technology hoopla, people are still people: we're natural beings, living in real places, with all the challenges and rewards that come with life. But as we're finding, more technology, more medicine, more surgery don't always make one well.  We hope that you find on this page those links and ads that help you connect with the more natural ways to live, stay healthy, and be well.

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Services - Natural Products

Our apologies for an incomplete page; we are in the process of implementing a self-registering system that allows suppliers/servicers to enter their own information and users to search our listings by locality. We possess approximately 200 locally named domains around the world allowing our providers and users to seek each other globally.


Products - Natural

Many products on shelves are dangerous: toys made in some countries have been contaminated with lead; carpets our young children crawl across contain toxins that have been shown to raise contaminant levels in babies’ bodies. The natural industry is growing rapidly and can provide anything to natural and organic cotton clothing for your family, or natural construction products for your home.


Beauty - Natural

Again, beginning with the rise of the modern chemical industry and mass production, companies have sold products made of ingredients we only now are becoming dimly aware may hazard our health. We increasingly find our selves living in an unhealthy environment, polluted air and water, and even a thinner o-zone that allows more harmful gamma rays to damage your skin.


Toys - Natural

Recent research has shown high levels of lead contamination of toys, in particular, those made in China. As adults, our exposure to dangerous products typically comes through our hands. Not many of us mouth our work place equipment, but not so for young children. Companies are taking steps to confirm the safety of children's toys.


Home - Natural Products

What at one time were wood and horse-hair plaster houses, built ENTIRELY from natural materials produced within the local community, are now homes made of highly artificial, chemically active materials. Our grandparents and great grandparents grew up healthy and strong.


Services - Foods

In many communities, consumers now have choices of farmers’ markets and even grocery stores that specialize in more healthy, sustainable, natural-organic food. We hope the links and advertisements on this page will help connect you to the path to more natural-sustainable food suppliers in your area. We possess approximately 200 locally named domains around the world allowing our providers and users to seek each other globally.


Clothes - Natural

For literally thousands upon thousands of years humans clad themselves in natural fibers that were TOTALLY compatible with the human metabolism. This page will provide links to companies producing natural and organic certified products. There are people alive who grew up wearing only cotton, wool, and other natural fibers. The natural fibers provided protection, warmth, and comfort with absolutely no risk.