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By: Nanohygienics  09-12-2011
Keywords: Amino Acid, Amino Acid Complex

HygieniGuard™ Grease Trap is a 3-in-1, deodorizer, grease trap treatment and maintenance product all in one.

HygieniGuard™ Grease Trap utilizes a proprietary blend of amino acid complex and purified proteins which significantly degrade food waste and enhance the effectiveness of the grease trap. This molecular breakdown of complex sugars, fatty acids and proteins is so effective that grease, oil and other food particles do not reform. This process keeps traps free flowing, neutralizes odor and optimizes grease trap capacity.

HygieniGuard™ Grease Trap’s ability to accomplish these three tasks simultaneously makes it the most cost-effective additive available.

  • Oil and grease will not reform
  • Minimizes pumping
  • Maximizes capacity of existing grease trap
  • Valuable 3-in-1 Grease Trap Treatment, Deodorizer and Maintenance Product

Usage Recommendations


Manual Dosing: Mix 8oz/gal (65ml) of warm water per 500 gal (1900L) of grease trap and add daily during low flow periods.

Feed System Dosing: Feed 8oz (65ml) to 500 gal (1900L) of grease trap volume daily.

For Optimum Results:

  • Mix with warm water when cleaning
  • Increase contact time (standard 5 minutes) and extend for excessive dirt, grease, grime.
  • Apply mulitple times for old & heavy buildup.
  • Rinse with clean and warm water.

Keywords: Amino Acid, Amino Acid Complex

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