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By: Nanohygienics  09-12-2011
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Using billions of organic waste-specific microbes, Bio-Regen™ OWS (Organic Waste Solution) is formulated to treat organic waste problems at the source. An array of highly specialized species and subspecies of Bacillus microbes that exhibit specific enzymatic activities is selected to rapidly decompose organic solid wastes as well as reduce harmful levels of wastewater nutrients and/or odor causing agents. Reductions in noxious odors through combative inhabitance are the cornerstone of the microbial activity in the Bio-Regen™ OWS series. The Turbo Technology is shelf-stabilized to react quickly upon product application. Unlike other microbial technologies, which require longer times for the microbial preservation system to wear off, the Turbo Technology ensures the beneficial microbes enter hyper growth as rapidly as possible, reacting with the organic waste to provide real results.


Most competitors’ products have fallen short in their claims by using out- dated technologies that simply add microbes to the organic waste expecting them to magically multiply and speed the treatment process. Bio-Regen™ OWS, when added to the organic waste, activates to significantly reduce odors, greatly increase the decomposition of various organic solids, and metabolize unwanted, odor causing bacteria. Bio-Regen™ OWS combines the power of Carboxx with billions of these specialized, supercharged microbes and enzymes to join with newly fortified indigenous beneficial microbes to quickly metabolize solids and overwhelm harmful bacteria that produce odor and other undesirable byproducts.

Carboxx provides concentrated carboxylic acid to ensure a balanced environment to facilitate complete waste decomposition. High reactivity results in immobilization of unwanted contami- nants. This comprehensive turbo charged reaction provides the pathway for Bio-Regeneration of organic waste contaminants.

Application Information

Bio-Regen™ OWS is highly concentrated and should be diluted with water prior to applications. Mixing can be done at a minimum of 5 parts clean water to 1part concentrate and as high as 200 parts water to 1 part concentrate. Water between 42° and 120° F (6° and 50° C) gives you optimum performance.

General Lagoon/ Pond Applications:

General application rates for ponds and/or lagoons range from 5 PPM to 100 PPM monthly based on the system requirements and goals to be achieved. For optimum results, specified applications are applied in multiple applications throughout the monthoronanormalinjectionschedule. For biological tank applications, continuous injection of product is recommended and rates are calculated based on GPM or GPD, holding times, and additional processing systems available after initial treatment.

Note: Wastewater facilities vary from facility to facility. Contact us for site specific recommendations.

General Organic Waste Applications:

Organic waste materials vary significantly in the manner and time required to breakdown. Accordingly, application rates for organic waste materials can vary according to dilution rates, material type, and desired outcome i.e. odor control, ammo- nia reductions, or material decomposition. A good rule of thumb is 4 to 8 oz. (120 – 240 ml) concentrate per cubic yard (meter) of material. The key is to dilute the concentrate in sufficient water to allow material to be properly saturated.

Keywords: clean water

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