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By: Nancy Fraasch Consulting  09-12-2011
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Services include..

Utilizing formal/informal assessment tools, Nancy will guide you to develop a clear career direction and focus based on your interests, personality, strengths, and values.  
“You helped me understand why I was so unhappy in my previous career; I was trapped in the wrong career.  Thanks for helping me.  From Human Resources to Real Estate.  Free at Last.”-
   John B.

Whether your resume is 10 years old or recently updated, Nancy can help you create a professional resume that will get you results!  
“I started my new job and have worked myself into a management role already.  I have to say thanks to you for having a big part in finding my job.  After I started, one of my peers who I interviewed with said how impressed she was with my resume.  Thanks!!!”  - Sandy A.

“I have had several interviewers tell me my resume is one of the best they have seen.  This speaks volumes about you and your support.  Thanks again for your support and guidance during such a rough period.”  - Milton B.  

If you are attempting to secure a new position by sitting at your computer scanning the 100’s of job-seekers websites you are missing about 80-85% of the jobs out there.  Nancy will guide you through the search process to find the hidden job market and find the position that fits you!  She can also coach you as you work through interview and negotiation to sell yourself effectively and get the salary you are worth!
“Thank you to you for your efforts and assistance as I worked through my job transition.  Your suggestions, encouragement and support have meant a great deal to me and kept me engaged in the process at times when my enthusiasm and confidence waned.  You instruct, counsel, challenge and network in a very positive, professional and encouraging environment.  Keep up your good work!"  -
   Neil A.

If you would like to grow in your current company or position but not sure how to go about it, Nancy can guide you through the process to allow you to shine in your company.

- Any career-related topics can be conducted in a group session as an hourly, half-day, full-day or 2-day package.  Some of the topics available are:  Assessment/Career Direction, Resume Development, Job Search Methods, Networking, and Interview & Negotiation Skills.  Any of the seminars can be customized to your particular needs.
“Thank you so much for presenting on “Researching Companies” to our group.  Everyone I talked to told me that they enjoyed it. I learned about some more resources.  I am glad I was able to attend." - Joe L.

Keywords: job search