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By: Nadd  09-12-2011
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NADD disabilities and mental health needs

Intellectual Disability and Mental Health: A Training Manual in Dual Diagnosis
Sharon McGilvery, Ph.D. and Darlene Sweetland, Ph.D.

With the release of this book, Drs. McGilvery and Sweetland share decades of experience working with individuals diagnosed with an intellectual disability and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Their well-practiced approach takes into account the extremely complex nature of working with dual-diagnosis.  The authors provide in-depth information about the diagnostic process, hands-on treatment considerations, and their experience training thousands of people to work passionately with these individuals.  An important contribution is their approach to addressing complicating factors in identifying appropriate psychiatric diagnoses, as well as the problem of the underreporting of psychiatric symptoms and disorders. Finally, those working in a variety of contexts with these individuals will benefit from the innovative approaches of looking at treatment and intervention strategies that can be immediately implemented. 264 pages      

Members:  $49.95   Non-Members:  $54.95 

A PRACTICAL GUIDE to Assessing Medical Issues Associated with Behavior/ Psychiatric Problems in Persons with Intellectual Disability – Revised in 2011
Ann R. Poindexter, M.D.

This book discusses medical/medication issues which may present as behavioral/ psychiatric problems in individuals with intellectual disability.  Three self-directed instructional courses and several illustrative case histories are included.  110 pages

Members:  $17.95   Non-Members:  $19.95 

NADD is celebrating the end of summer by offering some very hot discounts on five (5) new DVDs which were recently taped at our conference in Massachusetts.  These DVDs are now available to members for $49.95 (usually $60) and to non-members for $59.95 (usually $75).  For even greater savings, the set of five (SET1100D) is available to members for $200 and to non-members for $240.

The End of Summer Hot Special features the following DVDs:

Could better screening for health problems and medication side e?ects reduce psychiatric morbidity in patients with Intellectual Disabilities? Pilot data and case presentations are used to review and highlight occurrences of medical problems and medication side e?ects identi?ed in a series of persons with ID referred for treatment of acute psychiatric problems. The ways in which missed medical problems may provoke apparent acute psychiatric problems are reviewed. Case examples illustrate how common medical concerns can lead to very signi?cant alterations in mental status, mood, and behavior. Dr. Charlot shares strategies to identify when a medical problem may be the real cause of these kinds of clinical challenges. 75 min.  Special Price:  Member:  $49.95  Non-Member:  $59.95

Depression is a common but often unrecognized problem in people with intellectual & developmental disabilities (IDD). Present psychiatric criteria are limited for people with IDD and the Diagnostic Manual-Intellectual Disability addresses these concerns. Cognitive behavioral approaches to support plans are presented as well. 90 min. Special Price:  Member:  $49.95 Non-Member:  $59.95

Making an accurate diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder in a person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be challenging. Several key questions and common clinical dilemmas related to psychiatric assessment of individuals with an ASD are addressed in this presentation. What are the most frequently reported psychiatric disorders in children and adults with an ASD? Do people with ASDs display atypical features of psychiatric disorders? How can psychotic symptoms be di?erentiated from the unusual thought processes that form a signi?cant part of the core of this disorder? When should we diagnose a repetitive behavior as a compulsion, or is it simply wrong to label individuals with ASDs as having OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)? The ways in which an understanding of the core features of ASDs may help clinicians more accurately identify psychiatric comorbidities are emphasized and several case examples are presented. 90 min. Special Price:  Member:  $49.95 Non-Member:  $59.95


Antipsychotic medications are frequently prescribed to treat a variety of often nonspeci?c conditions in persons with ID/MH such as aggression, and some have received FDA indications for their use. However, many of the individuals being treated are unable to describe their symptoms, including medication side e?ects that may end up increasing agitation and mimic the condition that is supposedly being treated. This presentation discusses the risks and bene?ts of antipsychotic treatment and alternative treatment strategies. Case examples are included. 90 min. Special Price:  Member:  $49.95 Non-Member:  $59.95

In this DVD, Melanie talks about her life concerning the trials and tribulations of growing-up with Asperger Sydrome co-occurring with a Bi-Polar disorder.  In a dynamic and articulate manner, she describes the challenges and triumphs she has experienced.  Her home, school, and social environments are included and she describes the successful strategies she employs.  30 min. Special Price:  Member:  $49.95Non-Member:  $59.95

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Keywords: Intervention Strategies, Medical Issues, Mental Health, Mental Health Needs,

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