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Keywords: Mental Health, Intellectual Disabilities, Medical Issues

NADD disabilities and mental health needs

Intellectual Disability and Mental Health: A Training Manual in Dual Diagnosis
Sharon McGilvery, Ph.D. and Darlene Sweetland, Ph.D.

With the release of this book, Drs. McGilvery and Sweetland share decades of experience working with individuals diagnosed with an intellectual disability and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Their well-practiced approach takes into account the extremely complex nature of working with dual-diagnosis.  The authors provide in-depth information about the diagnostic process, hands-on treatment considerations, and their experience training thousands of people to work passionately with these individuals.  An important contribution is their approach to addressing complicating factors in identifying appropriate psychiatric diagnoses, as well as the problem of the underreporting of psychiatric symptoms and disorders. Finally, those working in a variety of contexts with these individuals will benefit from the innovative approaches of looking at treatment and intervention strategies that can be immediately implemented. 264 pages      

A PRACTICAL GUIDE to Assessing Medical Issues Associated with Behavior/ Psychiatric Problems in Persons with Intellectual Disability – Revised in 2011
Ann R. Poindexter, M.D.

This book discusses medical/medication issues which may present as behavioral/ psychiatric problems in individuals with intellectual disability.  Three self-directed instructional courses and several illustrative case histories are included.  110 pages\

Psychotherapy for Individuals with Intellectual Disability

Edited by:  Robert J. Fletcher, DSW, ACSW

This book provides the reader with insightful and useful ways to provide psychotherapy treatment for individuals who have intellectual disability (ID).  It brings together all three modalities (individual, couple, and group), and a variety of theoretical models and techniques are discussed.  The first section, Individual Therapy, offers a variety of approaches and techniques including dialectical behavioral therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness-based practice, and relaxation training. Also included in this section are chapters on specialty populations including victims of abuse, people who have Autism Spectrum Disorder, and people in mourning. The second section is a chapter on group therapy addressing trauma issues. The third section is on family and couple therapy. The fourth section covers chapters on research, ethics, and training.  The individual authors are respected authorities in the field of providing psychotherapy treatment for persons with ID and all have contributed to the professional literature. 

This book is a major contribution to the effort to make psychotherapy available to individuals who have ID and should serve to further stimulate interest in the provision of psychotherapy treatment for individuals who have ID co-occurring with significant mental health problems.

Comprehensive Competence-Based Parenting Assessment for Parents with Learning Dificulties and Their Children

Maurice Feldman, PhD, Marjorie Aunos, PhD

This book presents an innovative, empirically-supported approach to assessing parenting capacity of parents with learning difficulties that can lead to more humane, fair and accurate child custody decisions.  The authors are leading researchers and practitioners in this field haing worked with hundred of these families.  Many professionals working with these families recognize that the current parenting capacity assessment approaches are based on outdatd and invalid assumptions and methods.  This book addresses the unique assessment needs of these families and includes detailed background information, rationales and methods.

Working with People with Challeging Behaviors: A Guide for Maintaining Positive Relation

Nathan Ory

The material in this book introduces general practices and specific solutions to behavior problems that will work with people who display difficult and challenging behaviors regardless of who they are.  It is especially suitable for working with individuals who have developmental or intellectual disabilities coupled with a behavior disorder.  The methods also apply to the person with emotional or psychiatric disturbances, or another serious mental health problem.  Finally, they are helpful in providing support to elderly individuals who display challenging behavior.

Human Needs and Intellectual Disabilities: Applications for Person Centered Planning, Dual Diagnosis, and Crisis Intervention

Steven Reiss, Ph.D.

Human Needs and Intellectual Disabilities identifies the 12 human needs most relevant to the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, autism and related developmental disabilities.  It includes detailed, practical suggestions for caregivers or parents interested in the happiness, quality of life, and self-determintion of their loved ones or consumers.  The book includes detailed, practical suggestions for reducing episodes of challenging behavior and psychiatric symptoms in people with a dual diagnosis (intellectual disabilities and mental illness).  It shows how to substitute the language of individuality (e.g., "friendly person") for the language of disability (e.g., "person with disability").  It also reduces the tendency of planners to confuse their own value system for that of the consumer.  The book includes scholarly reviews of dual diagnosis literature on mental illness, prevalence, and assessment.

Positive Identity Development

Author: Karyn Harvey, PhD

Positive Identity Development is an exciting new approach to treatment for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  This book provides a new theoretical perspective on treatment along with a variety of innovative tools.  It rejects reducing adults with intellectual disabilities to a mere compilation of their behaviors and promotes the use of a positive, therapeutic approach to each unique individual. Psychologists, social workers and therapists should be able to use the tools presented in this book to directly enhance the effectiveness of the treatment they provide to adults with intellectual disabilities. This book promotes well-being on every level and explores a broad range of issues relevant to the life and mental health of adults with intellectual disabilities

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Down Syndrome: When to Worry about Mental Health and What to Do About It

Robin Friedlander, M.D. & Peter Johnson, Ph.D.

Working with People who have Intellectual Disability and Behavioral Problems: A Self-Study Guide for Interdisciplinary Team Members

Ann R. Poindexter, M.D. & Paul D. Kolstoe, Ph.D.

Multi-Media CDs of NADD 25th Annual Conference Presentations

Community Networks of Specialized Care:  Building Community Capacity through Training and Education Lisa Holmes, Liz Froese, MSW, Rosanne Stein, LLB, BSc, Sandi Bricker

NADD Competency-Based Dual Diagnosis Certification Program Robert Fletcher, DSW, ACSW, FAAIDD; Donna McNelis, PhD; John McGonigle, PhD; Kathleen Olson, PhD; Jarrett Barnhill, MD

Autism Spectrum Disorders:  Separating the Data from the Myths Ann R. Poindexter, MD

Diagnostic Systems for Use with People with ID Luis Salvador-Carulla, MD, PhD, Robert J. Fletcher, DSW, ACSW, FAAIDD, Sally-Ann Cooper, MD

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NADD disabilities and mental health needs - newproducts

Pilot data and case presentations are used to review and highlight occurrences of medical problems and medication side e?ects identi?ed in a series of persons with ID referred for treatment of acute psychiatric problems. The authors provide in-depth information about the diagnostic process, hands-on treatment considerations, and their experience training thousands of people to work passionately with these individuals.