By:  09-12-2011
Keywords: search engines, Campaign Management

Comprehensive management of online advertising campaigns using Google, Yahoo, Microsoft & Facebook advertising.   We focus on ad copy, split testing and tracking. 

Social Media Traffic Campaign Management:   Management of a comprehensive social media traffic generation campaign.  Primarily focused on Facebook and Twitter platforms. 

YouTube Traffic Campaign Management :  Utilizing YouTube to generate traffic.  Video optimization is used to rank well in YouTube and generate referral traffic. 

Content Creation:   Research & Creation of articles/postings to provide value for visitors and generate traffic through search engines. 

Search Engine Optimization: Setting up your site and webpages to rank well in search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing) for important keywords. 

Industry-Competitive Analysis:   Find out what's happening online within your industry.  Identify successful companies, lasting business models, important keywords, and more. We "spy" on your competition and use what they've already learned to save you time & money. 

Website Optimization: The creation & modification of a website with the purpose of incenting a visitor to take action.  Essentially, setting up your site to produce the most sales and/or leads from your traffic. 

Analytics:   Using goal-based analysis, we provide our clients with ROI information - so they can determine what online strategies to keep, re-invest in, and what strategies to drop.  A strong analytics program is key to any serious online endevor. 

Joint Venture Marketing Campaign:   Recruiting potential partners for our clients in order to uncover new prospects. 

Keywords: Campaign Management, search engines