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By: Myclubcity  09-12-2011
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You're a stunning web designer,
you understand how the web works and what people want.
But no one understands what you want.
We do!
We know working with or outsourcing to web developers can sometimes be a pain, we do it every day!
..and now you don't have to.

MyClubCity is proud to bring the industry -- optimization!

Now web designers can take advantage of the very system we use to make websites for our clients. Cut the start to finish time by more than half using one or more MyClubCity services.

MyClubCity Hosting/Domain Service

We've spent countless hours researching to find the absolute best web host and guess what? They don't exist. Truth is, every hosts has its advantages and disadvantages, this you may already know but do you know what they are? we do! That's why we own servers from several different web host companies. Each website is carefully analyzed and placed in the appropriate data center that ensures quick delivery to your users without hurting the budget. MyClubCity Hosting packages start at $10/mnt, inquire today.

MyClubCity Gallery & Events

Within minutes you can have dynamic Event listing and Galleries add to your next project. Our event system is designed specifically for the entertainment sector and based on our experience dealing with clients from the industry.

Our event system is loaded with features such as: quick sign up forms for Guest list, VIP/Bottle service, Birthday and more which are added to your client's website.

MyClubCity then goes the extra mile to provide consolidated viewing for all Guest list, VIP/Bottle Service & Birthday sign ups.

Clients can now easily print out the list for use at the door!

No more excel sheets or manual consolidation, the system does it all for you!

There are tons of galleries being made every month, why use MyClubCity Gallery? Simple, it's made just for you! We have features we know you want and need. We've worked with the city's best photographers over the last couple years and have learned a lot from them and their needs. We've clipped half the features and emphasised the must have ones. Simply create an account for your photographer(s) and watch your websites’ photos get updated faster than ever. How? Less work for your photographer(s). We've made it so easy, photographers can upload straight from their camera! The system does all the resizing, compression, watermarking, and auto-smart orientation. They'll love it!

MyClubCity CMS

So you've got another gig to create a website for an entertainment venue or group. Creating the design and flow through is what you do best but you hate making tedious html/css/js or flash edits for each new event or gallery. Providing a CMS can be overkill and often confusing for your clients and maybe to yourself.

Let us take care of it for you, we've been doing it for as long as they've been available. We'll set your website up on our customized personal favourite CMS.

Provide your client's powerful features such as:

  • SEO, make google love your site
  • insite editing, make edits on the fly
  • security, where is your website without?

MyClubCity Mailer

When your clients are ready to blast out newsletters to there users, it's all there ready to hit send.

Inquire about our mailer for the most competitive rates in the industry.

Looking for extra work?

We accept jobs ranging from a wide spectrum and are constantly swamped with projects.

If you're a GOOD designer/developer we wana know who you are!

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Keywords: Event System