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Indian Head Massage also known as Indian Champissage, is a relaxing therapy that is based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system.  This therapy has been practised in India for over a thousand years, by Indian women, who massaged only the head and hair.  This therapy now involves the upper body with the contribution of Narendra Mehta, and his new techniques.  Discover how the power of touch; including massaging the upper back, shoulders, neck, as well as the head and face can have a positive impact in your health and well-being.  Narendra Mehta, originally from India, is an osteopath and massage therapist.  He runs the London Center of Indian Champissage, where he trains students around the world, his famous techniques.   And here is how it works. 
Tension accumulates when you are stressed or angry in the head, neck and shoulders, which are important energy centers in your body.  This tension can later mainfest in your life as, stiff neck and shoulders, eyestrain, and even signs of hair loss.  The firm and gentle rhythms and friction techniques, can help to ease knots and blockages along your spine.  Results are felt on the physical level as well as, the mental level and the spiritual level. You do not only ease achy body parts, you also help to calm your mind and promote relaxation.  Above all, the healthcare and maintenance of your scalp and hair is also magnified with these healing techniques. 
On the body systems, Indian Head Massage works on a deeper level.  Relieving stress; the nervous system is being supported.  Eliminating toxins and poisons in the muscles; the lymphatic system is flushing these out continuously and the body can be cleansed and purified more efficiently.  The deep breathing that is encouraged while receiving this type of massage stimulates the circulatory, respiratory and the immune system of the body.  On an energetic level, Indian Head Massage helps to balance the Chakra energy centers and promote energetic healing, using sound and colour therapies in combination with the massage.  This treatment is both; a balancing and harmonious therapy for the mind, body and spirit. 

Some of the following ailements can be eased with Indian Champissage:
Headaches, earaches, sinus problems, sore throat, sleeping issues, anxiety, stress,
mental and emotional issues, digestion issues, hair loss, relief from aches and pains,
fibrous adhesions, chronic neck pain and shoulder pain, loosening of the scalp,
increased oxygen uptake in tissues, improves blood circulation to congested muscles,
restoration of joint movement in the neck and shoulders, mental restlessness,
improved concentration, malaise, tinitus, nightmares, TMJ syndrome, clearer thinking,
release of stagnant energy.
Some of the following are contraindications for Indian Champissage:
Recent trauma to the head; concussions, whip lash, stroke, inebriation, food poisoning,
high fever, recent surgery to the head, acute infectious diseases; typhoid, diptheria,
undergoing medical treatment for cancer or any other serious medical conditions,
localized infectious or contagious skin disorders on the areas to be worked on,
suffering from sever inflammations,  suffering from aneurosa (localized dilation of blood
vessels, commonly the artery in the temple/ forehead in the elderly)
Extreme Caution With:
osteoporosis, frailty, chronic fatigue, epilepsy, psoriasis, painful cysts,
spondylitis or spndylosis in the neck

You may also combine this massage with a relaxation body massage.

Keywords: Indian Head Massage, Massage

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