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By: My Formerly Fat Life  09-12-2011

So where can a fashion savvy shopper find stylish misses and petite clothing without running all over town? Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can help narrow the search and may help save some extra money.

Get Thrifty:

Thrift stores and second-hand clothing stores usually have a pretty wide selection of clothing, much of it brand new and for a fraction of the price. Many of the donations that come into thrift stores were initially received as gifts or were just never worn much by the original owner. Another great thing about second-hand shops is they are always receiving new items, so you can check back a few times a week for stylish petite clothing and probably find a different selection every time.

Online Shopping:

Buy or Borrow From Friends:

Have a friend that’s about your size? Or perhaps a friend that is getting rid of some of her clothing that she can no longer use or wear? Don’t be shy about asking to borrow or buy a great pair of jeans or a beautiful petite sized shirt from a friend if they no longer have any use for it. Many times, they’re more than happy to just give it to a friend rather than throw it away or donate it.

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