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By: Mxvdev  09-12-2011

MicroMax's service reputation is built on our close involvement with our customers and their needs.

Our attention to detail during analysis allows us to provide sound trade-off decisions to our clients when choices need to be made on functionality, cost, schedule, and risk. By increasing automation and integration, we have enabled our clients to perform their work quicker, better, and more reliably.  Our specialty is integrating development tools, test tools, or key infrastructure with other commercial tools to streamline your development process.

We build the solutions that make your team operate more efficiently. 

Some custom low-cost solutions we provide

  • Requirements management
  • Problem reporting
  • Coverage analysis (models, code)
  • Test case translation
  • Enterprise-based automatic testing

Other products and services from Mxvdev


Engineering Services | MicroMax, Inc

Our team of project managers, systems engineers, software developers, hardware engineers, and technicians are eager to provide you with turnkey solutions, fill gaps in your existing development organization, and provide independent verification of your development or production artifacts. We can accommodate any type of working arrangements, including recruiting, direct-hire, hourly contract, contract-to-hire, or a project-based team.


Validation and Verification | MicroMax, Inc

Using Mx-Suite™ software, we not only reduce V&V efforts during the concept development and design validation phases: we simplify requirements analysis and test coverage reporting, and provide full design traceability. With our partners, we can provide complete testing solutions for design verification, production validation, end of line testing, and quality/reliability/durability testing.


CMMI®/AutoSPICE® Consulting | MicroMax, Inc

MicroMax can help you efficiently improve your product quality by providing resources for. Gap Analysis - We'll analyze your current process and identify improvement opportunities. Process Training - We'll show you how to understand the standard and how to execute. Compliance Assessment - We'll perform and official audit/assessment.


Custom Embedded Development Services

We are the leading choice for developing real-time embedded software, including control systems, state-driven applications, device drivers, diagnostic functions, and custom operating system kernels. Our partners help us produce industry-hardened validation equipment for environmental testing and manufacturing end of-line testing. We develop custom electronics for data acquisition, electronics validation, diagnostics and end-of-line testing.


Products | MicroMax, Inc

MicroMax is committed to minimizing the costs and improving the quality of embedded software development by providing leading edge products to the development community. Engineering efforts are streamlined by Mx-Suite's automation of analysis, validation, and verification tasks. MicroMax standard solutions using Mx-Suite™ are available. Mx-PVT™ Production Validation Testing software. Commonly used Signal Processing Transforms.


Mx-Suite™ Downloads (you must be registered as a client

Mx-Serve should be set up (on a local machine or server) before installing Mx-Suite.*PLEASE NOTE*Beginning with version 3.34.8, MxSuite™ requires the, which must be present before installing any 3.34.x release of MxSuite™. You may install multiple versions of the Mx-Suite on the same machine as of 3.32.188. Please refer to the installation instructions for more information. Installs Mx-VDev, Mx-Transit, and other Mx-Suite components.