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Keywords: Marketing, Project Management

Project Management

Telemarketing & Lead Qualification

We can generate new sales leads for your people to follow up on or qualify leads generated by your website or other sources. We can make your sales efforts yield better, more profitable sales. 

Are you sending out unsecure documents to clients electronically? We will take your MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, etc. files and create a secure .pdf formatted document that cannot be altered by the recipient. You can then be comfortable in sending documents by e-mail without concern that they could be altered. This service is quick and efficient.Document Scanning & Indexing

Creating A Web Presense

In today's web-enabled world, you need to have an up-to-date image. Whether you seek new clients, a new job or want to be viewed as current, we can help you to gain exposure on the internet through blogs, websites, social-interactive websites (  ® ,  ®,  ®, etc. ). We can project an image and a marketing plan around what you seek to accomplish. We know the internet! Tap into our expertise! General Correspondence

We can write letters, respond to e-mail or do other correspondence that takes you away from the rest of your tasks. We send it back to you for distribution or can deal with suppliers, customers and others directly.


Are your manuals up-to-date? We can review your products, your procedures and your manuals for clarity and effectiveness. If it needs a manual, it needs to be done right! Brochures, Flyers, Business Cards

Our designers will produce collateral materials for your business. Brochures, flyers, business cards and other materials are the lasting unchangable image you leave with customers or prospects. Make it count!Website Design

We can deisgn a new website - or re-design an existing site - based on your requirements for the site. Your site may be informational or it may be an e-commerce site requiring dynamic content and billing systems. We carefully review your requirements and develop a site that meets your needs. Although colors, animations and external links can be important, it's equally important that the site functions well. If it isn't easy to use, customers will likely leave in frustration.Website Maintenance

Your site is up and you are generating traffic. But can you track who is visiting, what time of day they visit, which links they actually use and other important measurement data? We can assist with the metrics of tracking what's actually happening on your site.If your site includes information - such as a newletter or a link to product manuals - how can you keep it all up-to-date? mva•workplace will maintain your site with current information and load it all onto the site. A site that is obviously out of date inspires no confidence in your product or service.Image and Photography Processing

Whether you require the creation of a new "manufactured" image or re-touching of a photograph, we can help. Using for the creation of new images and for images and photography editing, we can create, edit and modify to virtually any requirement for web, print or screen.Marketing Programs

We have principals - and partners - who excel at marketing and are ready to drive new business to your company. We excel at non-traditional marketing programs in this world of many "viral" systems; the internet, blogs, mailings, events.. there are so many options beyond radio or television. If you want to be seen, we can deliver results.Proofing

We will review your communications before they are being viewed. We review your communications - especially manuals - for grammar, punctuation, clarity, relevance and more. General IT Assistance

Our people have many years of experience with IT issues; wireless hubs, printing issues, slow systems, networking, firewalls, anti-virus, etc. Before you call other sources, we can be there to help you through your problem. If we can't resolve it, you can revert to your usual IT provider or can be referred to ours.We will conduct regular, routine maintenance on a retainer basis or accept your "call to action" when you have a problem.We take the time to show you what we're doing so that you gain an understanding. You improve your knowledge over time and can often correct problems yourself. 

Storage and Backup to CD / DVD with media printing

Do you have critical data that would cripple your business if lost? We can create, and store, backup copies of your data so that you could recover in the unfortunate event of a fire, flood or other disaster. General Business Consulting / Advice

The principals - and the partners - have extensive business experience. Take advantage of what we've learned; good and bad. We have people who have the experiences of many positions in many industries... we have learned much and we can assist you. Even if we only listen!

"On-Request" Services

Don't see a fit with your needs? We can provide many other services basd on our collective experiences.

Keywords: Marketing, Project Management