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By: Mv Paints & Arabians  09-12-2011

Services Offered

We offer a number of many helpful services including: Horse Board, Horse Training, Horse Sales and Horse Breeding. We also have quality horse hay and feed for sale. Please us for all our services.

We also offer Stallion services and Mare Care. We are currently standing three stallions. 


Sevenoaks Farms and Equine Centre is a friendly mid-sized facility located in Wheatland County welcoming all breeds and disciplines. Our non-competitive, relaxed atmosphere helps bring back the pleasure that a visit to the barn should be.

Outdoor Board 

  • Our paddocks are fenced with Electro Braid for safety.
  • We have spacious paddocks, with large shelters and automatic waterers.
  • We clean our paddocks on a regular basis to keep your equine friend and partner in the best conditions possible.
  • We have an isolation pen for new boarders to ensure the health of our other horses.
  • We monitor your horses need and all horses are fed based on their individual requirements.

Private Paddock - 1 horse            =$275.00
Includes daily supplements of oats and sweet feed (supplied by owner)
Semi -Private Paddock - 2 horses =$250.00
Includes daily supplements of oats and sweet feed (supplied by owner)

Group Paddock
- (3-5 horses per paddock) =$225.00
Includes daily supplements of oats and sweet feed (supplied by owner)

Pasture Board - Multiple Horses       =$200.00
Large open pasture, for your horse to leisurely graze.
All horses are introduced to their equine friends gradually.
All pastures are equipped with roomy shelters and waterers and all horses monitored and are fed based on their individual needs if required.  
Daily supplements of oats and sweetfeed. (supplied by owner)

Outdoor Short Term Boarding - Pasture = $10.00/day

boarded by same owner

All prices are plus 5% GST

Your board includes:

  • Lots of tender love and care and authorized treats.
  • Quality round bales in winter months.  Pasture grazing in spring through to Fall.
  • Automatic waterers - Fresh Water troughs - Shelters.
  • Mineral Blocks in all paddocks.
  • Safe Certified Electro Braid Fencing.
  • Use of 50' Round Pen.
  • Trailer Storage (nominal fee for borders).
  • A safe area to ride on 160 acres.
  • Use of outdoor riding arena - under construction.

Other services available:
Blanketing    = $25.00/month
Deworming - Done every 60 days   =
Deworming: ( supplied by owner)   = $10.00
Farrier Holding = $15.00 plus farrier fees
Vet Holding     =
$15.00 plus vet fees
Special Supplementation: (supplied by owner) = $25.00/month
Vaccines: (supplied by owner) = $10.00

Farrier, Veterinary & Dentistry services are scheduled routinely for all our horses. 
We will arrange appointments for your horse and provide personal handling and supervision if you require.  
We have a wonderful vet who is kind and knowledgeable.
Our farrier Doug Neal  is a fantastic horseman who is very gentle, patient and experienced,  he will take whatever time necessary to evaluate and provide whatever hoof care your horse requires.

Horses are the priority at Sevenoaks and we want to make every horse feel that Sevenoaks is his home and a special place to be. 
We are more than willing to discuss any special needs or care that your horse may need.

 Liability Insurance is strongly recommended for all horse owners.

Hours of Boarding Operation are as follows: Monday to Saturday 8:00am to 9:00pm Sundays 8:00am to 7:00pm, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Day, we will be closing at 6:00pm.

Boarders are required to ask for permission to ride in arena when lessons are being conducted.

To arrange a tour or for more information, please call us at (403) 902-0178 or (403) 540-9859.
We look forward to meeting you.

Straight Alfalfa - 25kg $10

Alfalfa Timothy Mix - 25kg $10

Alfalfa Brome Small Squares - SOLD

Alfalfa Brome Large Rounds - SOLD 

Brome/Grass Large Rounds - SOLD



  • Jack Skipped Barb's stud fee is $400 for all breeds and grade mares plus $6 a day mare care. 

  • MV Tinkys Lucky Kid's stud fee is $400 for all breeds and grade mares plus $6 a day mare care. 

Stud fees include a $150 booking fee. Multiply Mare discount, Proven Mare discount and Pony Club Member Discount.


The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011