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By: Murage  09-12-2011
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No Internet Connection Needed

With the entire dictionary bundled in the app you can used iCED on your iPhone or iPod touch with no Internet connection. Great when you're travelling out of the country!

Over 200,000 Words and Phrases

  • 脂肪酸 zhīfángsuān n. 〈chem.〉 fatty acid
  • 敛肺止咳[斂---] liǎnfèizhǐké f.e. 〈Ch. med.〉 keep lung-energy and relieve a cough
  • 不变资本[-變資-] bùbiàn zīběn n. 〈econ.〉 constant/fixed capital
  • 鸟笼经济[鳥籠經濟] niǎolóng jīngjì n. 〈pol.〉 “bird-cage economy”; market economy within socialist limits

Support for Traditional and Simplified Chinese Characters

馬 or 马 ? It's up to you. Easily change from one to the other when searching. Great if you are learning both traditional and simplified characters; toggle back and forth to see the differences.

Flexible Searching - find what you're looking for

Search the dictionaries using:

  • Chinese characters (using the Chinese hand recognition built into the iPhone OS)
  • Hanyu Pinyin (with tone numbers, by typing 1 . 5)
  • Hanyu Pinyin (without tone numbers)
  • radical index.
  • English words (French and German soon, too!)

Frequency Indicators [ABC]

Overwhelmed by so many homonyms? Know which ones to focus your learning on with frequency indicators.

¹tí* 提 v. ① carry; take (in hand with the arm down) ..
²tí 题[題] n. ① topic; subject; title ..
³tí 蹄 b.f. hoof ..
⁴tí 啼 v. crow; caw 
⁵tí 缇[緹]〈wr.〉 n. ① orange color ② yellow silk

The prefixed, subscripted numbers show you which words with identical pronunciation and tone are more frequent, starting with 1 = most frequent, 2, 3, ..

The * suffix shows you which of the words with identical pronunciation, regardless of tone, is the most frequent.

Tone Changes [ABC]

Not sure if the 1st tone YI changes to a 4th tone when it proceeds another 1st tone syllable or when 不 (bù) changes pronunciation to bú? iCED shows many situations in which the tone changes; the pinyin tone sandhi is shown in parentheses next to the official Hanyu Pinyin romanization spelling without the tone sandhi*.

Word Lists

After you look up a word, store it in a word list for later review. Flexible organization allows you to order your lists to your liking. Easily copy items from the history list (automatic list of entries you've recently looked up) to other lists, select multiple entries from a list and move/copy them all to another.

You can also e-mail a word list to yourself (or someone else) so that you can review it on your desktop computer or laptop.

Back up your word lists to a MobileMe account or another WebDAV server. If you do not have a MobileMe account, free WebDAV services are available on the Internet, such as **.

[ABC] Available if you have purchased the ABC dictionary.

* Tone changes are only shown for the more frequently used words and expressions that form the subset of entries used in the abridged version of this dictionary.

** Murage Inc. has no affiliation to Swiss Disk. This link is provided solely as a convenience to our users as a free alternative to MobileMe for backing up your iCED data.

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