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By: Movies Unlimited  09-12-2011

Why stop at seven when there's tons of movie poster look-alikes out there? To prove it we've got eight super examples for you in this eighth installment of the Poster Doppelganger series. See you L8R, everybody!

Pale Imitations

One measley letter. That's the difference between an esteemed film and our movie poster parodies. Well, that and some Photoshop fun.

L'enfant terrible

Summertime is a fine time for making trips, so we at MovieFanFare were moved—geddit?— to put together a quick quiz. Below are movie titles with their taglines—except they’re wrong. The tags may seem appropriate for the accompanying films but they really belong with another movie from the list.
Can you put the two parts correctly together again? (Quiz after the jump)

If you're a fan of movie posters that look strangely familiar you'll be in seventh heaven here. I've got seven up for your consideration in this seventh installment of the Poster Doppelganger series. Enjoy!

A Bloody Nightmare

It has been a while, so here’s another installment in the Movie Mash-Ups series. I’ve combined posters & titles to create new movie one-sheets that will not be coming soon to a theater near you. Enjoy!

• About a Boy; A Boy Named Charlie Brown

A Man's Gotta Eat..

The Book of Eli

I see dead people. More specifically, I see artists whose originality is DOA. Because everywhere I look I see duplicate posters!
This is the sixth installment that reveals one-sheets that look spookily similar. (And I sense that the series won't end here.)

Grumpy Old M en

Ever wonder how a movie would’ve turned out had the person originally slated for a particular role starred in it? We’ll never know the answer to that question, but we can have fun re-imagining the poster for the film.

Born on the Fourth of July

It may be a simple typo, but it makes a big difference when movie poster titles are just one letter off.
For example…

The big payoff

• Clash of the Titans

More movie posters that are slightly off letter-wise. See what a simple misspelling can bring about…

All cooped up

• 12 Angry Men

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