By: Mosaic Tape  09-12-2011
Keywords: Film, Mosaics is a transparent and self-adhesive polypropylene film, which was developed for mosaics assembly. The film thickness guarantees an excellent scratch protection of the assembled mosaic. The fundamental characteristic of this film is that it is a bi-oriented polymer with excellent mechanical characteristics which allow the elimination of memory effect (film retracting after stretching) and a total absence of deformation (loss of squaring) of mosaic sheet.
The application of Mosaictape is very clean, and very versatile as well because the format change is not a problem: times are very short. Moreover, once the material was assembled, there is no need for separators between the sheet and the mosaic sheet (as for cold glue): mosaic is already ready to be packed, stocked or forwarded. has the function of mosaic sheet protection during transport and putting on.
Minimum environmental impact: for Victrix Group, the safeguard of environment is fundamental, thatÂ’s why film is completely recyclable with a minimum environmental impact.
All VICTRIX products are certified.

Keywords: Film, Mosaics