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By: Moore & Symons Inc  09-12-2011
Keywords: Marketing, Communications, marketing research

Qualitative services, always a good way to start any marketing research exploration:

Quantitative services, getting to projectibility, making decisions based on fact:

  • Communications Check:  over the weekend interviewing to make sure the communication/ad/letter/etc. says what you want it to, and does not say what you don't want it to     

  • MarketView SWOT:  thorough documentation of where you are now, awareness, ad awareness, usage past and current, preference, consideration, strengths, vulnerabilities, target audience profile    

  • Vision Interviews:  really, really in-depth one on one interviews, darkened room, relaxed state, present-tense description of a past event, gets down to the real motivations and emotional impact     

  • TRIAD:  multiple-perspectives rolled together to examine any change in the retail enterprise, including customers, suppliers, store personnel, field personnel, to get the full picture, quickly, of that change    

  • (M)Pact:  a proven iterative qualitative research process that helps develop optimal marketing messaging, ensuring that your messages are not just being heard but actually changing behavior

  • Keywords: Communications, Marketing, marketing research

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